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Chrissy Teigen Reportedly Dropped From Marketing For Her Own Cleaning Brand With Kris Jenner Amid Bullying Scandal

chrissy teigen, kris jenner : dropped from marketing of cleaning brand over bullying scandal

Chrissy Teigen’s bullying scandal clearly isn’t blowing over any time soon.

It’s been almost a month since the former queen of social media was forced to apologize for her past behavior on Twitter — specifically, tweets encouraging Courtney Stodden, who was a teenager at the time, to kill themself. (And that was just the tip of the iceberg.) Since then, Chrissy’s Cravings brand has been removed from department store websites, she’s being recast from her guest spot on Netflix’s Never Have I Ever, and now, she’s even being erased from her own brand.

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Unfortunately for John Legend’s wife, her latest business venture, a cleaning brand co-founded with Kris Jenner, launched just days before Courtney called Chrissy out. Safely, a line of eco-friendly products, was relying heavily on the celebrity pals for their marketing… a strategy which backfired when the controversy erupted.

An insider told UK tabloid The Sun:

“Kris Jenner has been in crisis mode for weeks with Chrissy’s scandal. She likes Chrissy but she’s a numbers girl first and their sales tanked after all of Chrissy’s tweets came out.”

Yikes. That’s a rough blow for the Lip Sync Battle host, coming from a good friend. The source added:

“It’s the worst case scenario for them, they just launched their cleaning brand days before the scandal.”

The model hasn’t been featured on the Safely Instagram page since May 9. The source remarked that the “company has had to completely change it’s marketing strategy” because their “whole plan was to focus on the homes and families of Kris and Chrissy.”

They explained:

“They know they can’t show Chrissy anymore but her with her kids was originally the whole appeal of the brand. It’s been a very pricey mistake.”

We can completely understand where this strategy came from. The 35-year-old built her online following not only on her funny, “relatable” personality, but also on the ups and downs of motherhood. It makes sense for the brand to try to capitalize on that. After all, who could have predicted that those years-old tweets would come back to haunt her? (In this day and age, if you have problematic tweets in your past, you should expect them to come back to haunt you.)

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All this being said, the Chrissy’s Court alum hasn’t been completely ousted from her role at Safely. The Sun source claimed “it’s tricky” because she was “part of creating the company, she’s not just a spokesperson.”

It can’t feel good to be so toxic your own cleaning brand won’t use your face for the marketing. But it’s Chrissy’s business too, and if she wants it to succeed, taking a step back might be the best option right now…

[Image via Rob Rich/Guillermo Proano/WENN]

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