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Clare Crawley Says She's Been 'Trying Really Hard To Come Back' From A 'Dark Place' After Dale Moss Split

Clare Crawley opens up about real anxiety after her Dale Moss breakup...

Clare Crawley is REALLY opening up about the struggles she’s gone through since her very public split from Dale Moss.

The former Bachelorette got candid in a new Instagram Live video that she published late Friday night. And in it, the 39-year-old former reality TV star from Sacramento sounds like she’s really going through it when it comes to dealing with anxiety and remorse after the end of what looked to be her happily-ever-after relationship. So sad…

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Speaking openly about the battles she’s going through, Clare said at one point (below):

“I think when you open yourself up to share what you’re going through, not as a victim but as, like, vulnerability and more as just, like, the human side of you, with your friends, with your family, with the public, with people, as much as you want to share — mine more so happens to be a lot more public than most people — but I think when we share our struggles, it gives people the opportunity to relate to it and to share their struggles.”


She’s very, very honest… give her credit for that. And she’s not holding back in talking about exactly how difficult this has been for her, either.

She added (below):

“I’m getting to the point now where I’m trying really hard to come back from that and make a U-turn because it’s a dark place to be in when you’ve got a lot of stuff compiled on each other. My idea of love and to be loved is to have all of our things that we go through, all the stuff that we experienced in life, whether it’s whatever you want to call it, like, baggage, experience, traumas, whatever we go through, whatever we carry with us, show up with it.”

Talk about being very real!

You can see Clare discuss this more (below):


Obviously, the breakup was something of a shock for Clare, Dale, and the public that had followed their story on The Bachelorette this spring. So it’s no surprise that there’s been some serious fallout between the two of them, and in both of their personal lives.

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Honestly, we just hope these two both settle into life from here on out, apart from each other. From the sounds of Clare’s words here, it’s clear there are some serious emotions still at play even after the split.

Sending all our love and best wishes for her to find happiness and contentment again ASAP!

[Image via Clare Crawley/Instagram]

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