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Clare Crawley Speaks Out After Dale Moss Split -- As New Sources Reveal He Was Allegedly Cheating On Her Throughout Their Engagement!

Clare Crawley reacts to her breakup with Dale Moss -- and wait, was he CHEATING on her?!

Clare Crawley isn’t holding back.

On Thursday, the Sacramento native opened up about her gut-wrenching split from Dale Moss about 36 hours after he first confirmed the breakup. Based on Clare’s response, it appears things were far from the mutual split Dale tried to sell to the world. And insider allegations are popping up, now, as well: could infidelity be part of the problem here?!

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In a new Instagram post published early this morning, the 39-year-old hairstylist got very candid about being “crushed” over the breakup. We’ve been hearing reports of those serious emotions in the past few days, so it’s not necessarily surprising, per se. But to have Clare herself come out so explicitly with it is heartbreaking, all the same.

Reacting to the public reveal of their separation, the former Bachelorette wrote in part (below):

“I was made aware of a ‘mutual’ statement at the same time you all were, so I’ve needed some time to really digest this. Speaking for myself, my intentions with this relationship have always been very clear, so the truth is I am crushed. This was not what I expected or hoped for and am still trying to process this.”


She continued from there, noting how difficult the past twelve months have been in every way:

“2020 was one hell of a year, with covid, battling severe anxiety post-show, balancing a public new relationship, all while slowly losing my mother. It hasn’t been ideal circumstances, but that is life right. I have been looking forward to the light at the end of the tunnel.”

And even as heartbroken as she clearly is over the breakup, Clare finished her statement with class:

“Our relationship was not perfect, but I can say that I was genuinely invested with all of my heart. I may not have all the answers, but I do know this — I will continue to show up, stand by my word, and be committed to love.”

Here’s the full post (below):

Of course, Clare’s low-key shade about the “mutual” statement is an explicit denial of what Dale was apparently trying to do when he first revealed the breakup news on Tuesday. As you’ll recall from our reporting at the time, the former football player’s announcement certainly made things seem more mutual than what the one-time leading lady appears to be saying now.

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That’s doubly curious now, because according to E! News, “multiple sources familiar with the situation” have come forward as of Thursday morning to say “they believe Moss has been cheating on Crawley throughout their engagement.”

Ummm… WHAT?!

The news outlet even apparently has a specific woman in mind — though they have “chosen not to name her at this time,” according to their report. Still, this is a woman allegedly known to Clare as a person who held “a business relationship” with Dale since at least late 2019.

One insider “with knowledge of the circumstance” went on the record about it, explaining:

“Clare has always been skeptical [of the woman]. She never trusted the friendship and thought it was shady.”

And another source added more:

“[This woman] has been talking to her friends about sneaking around with Dale.”


Back in November, weeks after Dale’s on-air proposal, the source alleged he was spotted at a NYC restaurant with this other woman by his side. The insider dished:

“It definitely looked like a date. Dale looked really smiley and happy with her. They were laughing and flirting.”

Oh, boy… BTW, a confidant close to the former couple officially confirmed that Dale was the one who ended things, telling ET on Thursday that “he broke up with her this past week.” So whatever degree of “mutual” the split may have been — or not — it certainly appears as though Dale was the instigator. Tough to know what’s happening behind the scenes, though; feels to us like there’s a LOT more to this situation than meets the eye!

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Whatever is going on, this is clearly a tough time for Clare. With Dale, and the situation with her mom, (shown with Clare in bottom inset in picture, above) and all the public scrutiny, and now the cheating allegations, too… ugh. But it’ll get better! We promise! Time heals all!

What do U think, Perezcious readers? Sound OFF about this unexpected split — and now, its increasingly controversial aftermath — down in the comments (below)…

[Image via Clare Crawley/Dale Moss/Instagram]

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