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CUTENESS OVERLOAD! Rottweiler Loves Bath Time So Much She Showers By Herself!!

dog sitting in shower so cute
This is so super adorable we can barely handle it.
A woman is filming herself enter her bathroom, the sounds of the shower running are heard through the door.
After knocking, she enters and opens the shower to find…
Her Rottweiler!
This ultra cute dog is just sitting there, the water raining down on her, her eyes squinted as the water rolls off her adorable face.
This dog looks like she’s in heaven, happily sitting in the water, licking it as it rolls off her nose.
Then the cuteness kicks into overdrive when another doggy stops by real quick to kiss the shower dog.
We can’t even handle this anymore, we’ve been watching the video (below) on repeat and we’re about to pass out from all the adorbzableness. Why not give it a look (below)??

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Aug 08, 2014 12:21pm PDT

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