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Dalton Gomez Is ‘Devastated’ By Ariana Grande Split & ‘Really Hoping To Make Things Work’ -- But Does She Feel The Same Way?

Dalton Gomez Is ‘Devastated’ By Ariana Grande Split & ‘Is Really Hoping To Make Things Work’ -- But Does She Feel The Same Way?

Ariana Grande’s estranged husband Dalton Gomez actually may not be so eager to move on after all…

As Perezcious readers know, we were all hit with a divorce bomb from the two earlier this week. First, the pop star showed up at Wimbledon Sunday without her wedding ring, leading to a whole spiral of speculation. Then, less than 24 hours after that, an insider told TMZ the Honeymoon Avenue singer and her real estate mogul hubby had actually already been “separated since January,” and are now “heading towards divorce.”

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The couple had apparently already been having marital issues, and it didn’t help that Ari had to jet to London to film the Wicked two-parter. However, a source close to the duo shared with Page Six Monday that Dalton actually flew across the pond in a last-ditch effort to try and save his marriage, but things didn’t go according to plan and “it didn’t work out.” A second source shared with Entertainment Tonight:

“Ariana and Dalton tried to make things work, but ultimately they were just not a good fit. Dalton has been very private and low-key about their relationship with his work colleagues and hasn’t been talking a lot about their split.”

The source added at the time:

“Ariana and Dalton’s friends have always been concerned by their whirlwind romance and felt their relationship would ultimately be short-lived. Their relationship has been rocky at different points, and they’ve had trouble making time for each other with scheduling issues.”

Well, she is an A-lister…

THEN, another layer of jaw-dropping news hit, as TMZ reported Dalton “has been dating over the last few months,” and that it’s apparently all “fine with Ariana.”

That’s, like, the universal sign that a relationship is done-zo, right? Well, according to the latest report, that may not be the case…

An insider shared with Us Weekly Wednesday that the 27-year-old real estate guru is “devastated” by his and Ari’s separation, and is still holding out hope tides could change:

“Dalton has been devastated by it. A separation is not what he’s wanted. He wanted the fairy tale, happy ending, and it’s not looking that way.”

What kind of fairy tales did he read that saw other romantic partners in the mix?? LOLz! A second source added:

“Dalton is really hoping to make things work with Ariana. Despite the rocky patches they’ve been through, he isn’t ready to give up on their marriage. He saw himself spending the rest of his life with Ariana and will do anything to get past this.”

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For someone who was ready to dedicate “the rest of his life” to one person, it’s just a little confusing why he’d so quickly try to fill the void with others. But apparently, it’s nothing serious… The source explained he’s just “dating casually as an attempt to distract himself from the split,” but isn’t looking for a serious type thing… That spot is still reserved for the Thank U, Next singer:

“Truth be told, he’s not over Ariana and would still love to win her back.”

As of now, though, Ari is “fine” with him moving on however he needs to, and “ Just wants to move forward and has no hard feelings about their breakup.”

Inneresting stuff.

Do YOU think Ariana and Dalton’s relationship can be saved, Perezcious readers? Is it weird that Dalton is already seeing other people, but still wants his estranged wife? Let us know in the comments down below!

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