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Donald Trump Melts Down After GOP Congressman Admits He Should Be Impeached!

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There’s not much Donald Trump can do on Twitter or at his weird political rallies that raises our eyebrows any more. As dopey as the Cheeto-in-Chief may be, we’ve sort of become immune to his rampant stupidity after a couple years of it.
But this weekend, things are a little bit different — because this marks the first time a major, nationally-known Republican politician has broke rank and file with the GOP faithful and admitted what we all know to be true: Trump’s gotta go.
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The Congressman in question is the Republican Representative from Michigan’s Third District, Justin Amash, who went on an eyebrow-raising tweetstorm on Saturday afternoon after finishing up his read of the Mueller Report in full. And, as Amash points out in his lengthy tweets about the subject, four things are very clear — the most high profile of which is that Trump “has engaged in impeachable conduct.”
Finally, a Republican with some brains?! Hallelujah!!!
Here’s how it all played out; Amash took to Twitter less than 24 hours ago to blast Trump’s hand-picked Attorney General William Barr for being so deceptive in how he released the Mueller Report to the public. Furthermore, Amash openly admits that Trump’s obstruction and collusion behaviors can’t be overlooked, and the actions are  undoubtedly impeachable. Ummm, this is big!!
Read the Congressman’s entire thread about it (below):

It’s one thing to see a Democrat advocate for Trump’s impeachment — it happens so often, and seems so obvious and clear (and, dare we say, repetitive) that it’s not even worth covering. But a REPUBLICAN?! Like, an actual conservative Republican like Amash with real, bona fide popularity within the party???
Like we said… WOW!!!
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Just like clockwork, though, you can count on Trump reacting the next morning to things that happen to him (or are about him), and so very early Sunday morning the big diaper baby our President woke up from his slumber and fired off a few mean tweets about Amash (below):

Nobody takes criticism worse than the Donald! He’s, uh, the best at it!
Seriously, though, hopefully this moment marks a turning point where at least a few other Republicans will see the light and understand exactly what’s been going on in this White House the past couple years. That may not mean Trump actually gets impeached, of course, but at the very least, let’s pray the GOP goes back to working for the American people again… at least, like, a little bit.
Is that too much to ask???
What do U think about all of this, Perezcious readers?! Sound OFF on all things Trump and more in the comments (below)!!!
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