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White House Officials 'Increasingly Alarmed' By Donald Trump's 'Power Grab' Actions Ahead Of Transition

Trump administration officials are concerned about his 'power grab' ahead of transition to Biden

Senior administration officials working for Donald Trump are becoming “increasingly alarmed” over how they believe the President might “unleash and abuse” the power of government in an effort to overturn the result of his election loss to Joe Biden.

That’s the thrust of a new Axios report published by journalist Jonathan Swan, who spoke to several major players within Trump’s administration. All of them told the journalist that the President is spending “too much time” with people they consider to be conspiracy theorists who are trying to sway a clear election loss.

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Though there are just 32 days until President-elect Biden’s inauguration, we aren’t out of the woods yet. Fears of those polled by Axios include the presence of former national security adviser Michael Flynn, and his wild talk of “martial law,” as well as his “crackpot” idea of an executive order to commandeer voting machines from states.

Also at issue in the White House is the presence of a man named Sidney Powell, who Swan describes as a “conspiracy-spewing election lawyer,” who has been given a top-level security clearance. At a meeting Friday, the New York Times reported, Trump floated the idea of making Powell a special counsel for election fraud, whose duties could include taking voting machines from states and being allowed to “inspect the machines.” Ummm….

Apparently, when that talk came up during Trump’s Friday meeting, White House chief of staff Mark Meadows and White House chief counsel Pat Cipollone “pushed back strenuously and repeatedly against the ideas put forth by Sidney Powell,” according to a report in the New York Times and reporting from Swan. Still, it’s horrifying to know just how close Trump appears to be to a full-on descent into martial law, social chaos, and who knows what else…

The biggest problem here, of course, is that Trump continues to deny that he lost the election in November to Biden, even though he did so — and by a large margin.

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Thankfully, as we noted, we have just 32 days now until Joe Biden’s official inauguration in Washington.

Can we make it? Will we make it?! Or will something inevitably go crazy?? We’re so close to being rid of Trump forever… here’s hoping we keep staying the course and, you know, the rightful winner of the election can take his seat in office. That’s all we ask!

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