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Gisele Bündchen Gets Raw About Life's 'Twists' Amid Tom Brady Divorce & Sober Journey!

Gisele Bündchen Gets Real & Raw About Life's 'Twists' Post-Divorce: 'Whenever It Rains, It Pours'

Gisele Bündchen is focused on herself these days… and it’s been a super important practice that has allowed her to move past her divorce from Tom Brady!

In a candid new interview with People out on Tuesday, the model began by recalling a Givenchy Spring/Summer collection runway show mishap in 2000 that has been going viral on TikTok lately. In the clip, the heel of her shoe breaks off — but she keeps going as if nothing happened. Iconic! And a “great metaphor for life,” as she would say!

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Addressing the many similarities this moment has on her current situation, she said:

“It was crazy. The heel actually went in. So you’ve got to put all your weight on the front of your foot. And then, you have cramps and it hurts a lot, but you have to just do what you’ve got to do. I’m not going to crumble in front of all those people. There was no option of crumbling there. You’ve just got to pretend like nothing happened and hope that no one noticed. And I think that’s a great metaphor for life, because whenever the curve balls get thrown at you, do you crumble or do you rise? It’s a choice, right? You’ve got to rise.”


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And risen she has! In her 20s, she had to overcome crippling panic attacks, anxiety, and depression, which are all huge feats of their own. But now in her early 40s, she’s had a new challenge to overcome: heartbreak!

Gisele and Tom’s life was flipped upside down during COVID when the footballer came out of his brief retirement to join the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, forcing the family to move to Tampa Bay, Florida. Then the pandemic hit and the momma began homeschooling their kids Ben, 13, and Vivian, 10. Clearly not something she ever thought she’d have to take on. By the fall of 2022, the friction took its toll. The couple called it quits and finalized their divorce in October. Oh — and amid all this? Gisele was also dealing with two sick parents! So it’s been hell! She told the outlet:

“It’s been very tough on my family. It’s been a lot — in every area of my life. I feel like whenever it rains, it pours. With all the different twists and turns that life takes, all we can do is the best we can given what happens in our surroundings.”

To get through the difficult time, she did a lot of meditation and worked out “every single day,” — going on walks, lifting weights, and doing yoga. On the importance of meditation, she detailed:

“It’s like taking a step back and observing it like a movie, the situation happening. And even though you feel the emotions, you’re not attached to them. It’s not attaching to the emotions, it’s observing them. And when you observe them, you can take this little step of separation. It can allow you to take a breath and come in from a place where it’s not reactive, but it’s more proactive. You’re like, okay, let me assess.”

It must have been so beneficial during her split!!

The Victoria’s Secret angel has also been focused on her nutrition, as her upcoming cookbook Nourish would prove. All of these wellness activities have kept her going, she explained:

“I think if I didn’t have all the different tools that I have to support me during these times, it would’ve been very hard. And I think we all can relate to that, because I think we all have gone through our roller coasters of life.”

Because of this, she just joined Gaia Herbs as a Wellness Ambassador, where she’ll be sharing tips for incorporating organic herbal remedies she grew up with in Brazil into American’s lives — and it’s something she takes very seriously! She expressed:

“Sometimes, we can get so disconnected from our bodies because we are running away from ourselves, so we just keep adding more things for us to do. Give me anything to eat, give me anything to drink. You’re just in this mode. I feel like whenever you can bring yourself back into feeling your body and just being present, it’s great. You’re kind of in your body and you’re really present. You’re breathing, you’re connecting.”

One way she’s reconnecting with herself? She quit drinking! Gisele shared:

“Right after I turned 40, actually, I felt a huge difference between when I had the glass of wine and when I didn’t have the glass of wine. It’s socially accepted to have a glass of wine. And people even say, ‘Oh, it’s healthy for you.’ Well, it is not healthy for me. If you want to ask of your body what I ask of my body, which is a lot, I can’t be having all these things (alcohol, caffeine) because they add up.”

Yeah, it’s definitely important to know yourself, your own personal limits — they aren’t necessarily the same as everyone else’s! And guess what? The 43-year-old “immediately” felt better after going sober! She added:

“I became more clear. I felt a bit more foggy before. Now I’m very sharp and very present and I notice things that I didn’t notice before. When I’m not drinking, I’m sleeping much better. You have to be loving to yourself. You ask a lot of your body, you’ve got to do a reset. You have got to take care of this only vehicle you got, right?”

Similarly, the fashionista is also a big proponent of self-care:

“No one is going to do it for you. The only person that’s going to make those choices is you. Because ultimately, you’re the first person who’s going to be impacted by it. But then, it’s your children, it’s your husband, it’s your family. You got to put the oxygen mask on you first.”

Inneresting that she referenced Tom, right? Maybe her decision to start focusing on herself is what led to the end of their marriage? It would make sense!

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She’s actually faced some criticism for the notion of self-care — and putting yourself before your family. But she defended her stance, explaining:

“It’s not a selfish thing. People have been teaching us that it’s selfish if you take care of you. How is that selfish? When you feel good, you’re a better mom, you’re a better friend, you’re calmer, you’re more patient, you’re more loving, you’re more grounded. So you can’t feel guilty about prioritizing yourself. Because that’s loving you and loving the people you love the most, which are going to be impacted by how well you are. Because if you’re sick, everyone’s hurts.”

It’s a good point! There’s a reason on planes they tell you to put the oxygen mask on yourself FIRST before you put it on your children!

So, what’s life like now that she walked away from the NFL player? She and the kids are adjusting to their new normal in Miami — which she is loving! The businesswoman dished:

“I love the sunshine. Wherever the sun is, I feel like the happiest alway. Just feeling the sun, just taking a dip in the ocean, just running on the sand and just feeling the grass on my feet. Just being in nature just gives you energy. It just makes you feel good.”

Ben and Vivian are already off to a strong start back in school, she noted:

“They’re getting to know friends in school. They like it. It’s just all new. But they’re really liking it and they’re getting into their thing.”

The youngest just joined the school swim team — and Ben is officially playing football for the first time! And yes, he’s number 12! Awesome! Gisele gushed:

“He just started. I just feel so proud of them. They’re so loving. They’re growing up to be just so thoughtful and considerate of others.”

Plus they each have other ongoing passions that keep them very busy! When Benny’s not tossing the pigskin, he’s tickling the ivories:

“I noticed that he loves music. I put a piano in the living room, so anytime he passes by, it’s there. And now because I’m living in this 1,500 square foot house, it’s amazing because literally, it’s right there. He literally passes all the time to it, and every time he passes, he sits and he plays.”

Meanwhile, Vivi is a bonafide horse girl!

“She’s like, ‘Mom, I’m going to be a professional horseback rider.’ That’s all she wants to do. When I was getting into it, people were like, ‘Gisele, get out while you can.’ I was like, ‘I don’t think I can get out. She’s obsessed.'”


The 10-year-old benefits from coming from such a famous family, too, since her momma bought her a horse farm where she can ride her horse, Item, in total privacy. Boujee!! That said, Gisele has one line she won’t cross:

“Now she’s already trying to get other horses. she’s already like, ‘Mom. They told me I have to have a new horse to jump higher.’ I’m like, ‘You’re 10, calm down.’ Her horse jumps like a meter 20. ‘You’re going to be fine.’ I think it’s fine where you’re jumping right now.’ But she’s so courageous.”

While she didn’t go into detail, she is still close with Tom’s eldest son Jack, who primarily lives with his mother Bridget Moynahan in New York. Love that! She’s such a proud mom! But it’s not just because they are talented kiddos, obvi. She insisted:

“I think, for me, success means that I have raised children who have right values. You know what I mean? Because then, whenever I’m ready to leave, I know I have left something behind that is beautiful and that is an asset versus something different. It makes me proud to see how they’re all becoming their own little individual selves, but how their principles and their values are so strong. It makes me so happy to see that, they’re flourishing into their own beings.”

After all the kids have been through with their parents split, it’s amazing to hear they’re doing so well!! Honestly, they ALL seem to be doing great after the divorce! She’s glowing on the inside and out! Reactions, Perezcious readers?! Let us know (below)!

[Image via MEGA/WENN & Gisele Bündchen/Instagram]

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