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Gypsy Rose Blanchard Blasts Ex Ryan Anderson -- Says He's Lying About Dog They Adopted! What?!

Gypsy Rose Blanchard Back To Feuding With Ex Ryan Anderson -- Over Lies About Dog Pixie?!

Gypsy Rose Blanchard just returned to social media — and already there’s a ton of drama!

On Thursday, the convicted murderer and unlikely celeb’s estranged husband Ryan Anderson took to TikTok to thank fans for their ongoing support amid his messy divorce! Sharing an update on his personal life, he simply said:

“Hey, guys. It’s Ryan. Just wanted to say hey. Doing a video, my second video, from home. Just hanging out, me and Pixie. Enjoying the day.”

Pixie is, of course, the dog, which he and Gypsy adopted back in January as husband and wife, just two months before breaking up. Gypsy previously took heat for revealing she’d left the puppy behind following the breakup!

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Ryan went on to give a shout-out to his supporters during this difficult time, adding:

“Just thank y’all. I really appreciate it. I’ve gotten a lot of sweet messages from a lot of people. I wish I could write all of y’all and say thanks. It means a great deal to me. Everybody wants me to tell my side and… that’s all I can say right now. Dang, a lots happened. A lot has happened. Just hanging in there guys.”


Thanks for everything…I’m hanging in.

♬ original sound – TheRyanAnderson

He was obviously trying to minimize the drama by not spilling the tea yet — but Gypsy had other ideas in the comments!

According to a screenshot taken by, the Gypsy Rose: Life After Lock Up star CALLED OUT Ryan over his alleged lies about Pixie, writing in the comments:

“Tell them how you want to get rid of Pixie. I have the receipts. Funny how all you post is her and then you text how you want to dump her off on someone else. People will see who you really are soon.”


Ryan wasted no time clapping back — clarifying his intentions with Pixie:

“I am thinking of giving her to an actual family. like I wanted with you”

Damn! That’s like a dagger to the heart!

Per the outlet on Friday, Ryan decided, however, he was “for sure” keeping the little dog after the split. But can anyone blame him for thinking about giving her to another family? She must be a sad reminder of what could’ve been! So long as he doesn’t leave her stranded on the side of the road, it’s his right to determine how to best care for Pixie!

Besides, Gypsy can’t exactly be mad about his possible adoption plans when she’s the one who abandoned the pet first! Just saying!

Somewhere Gypsy’s parole officer is shaking their head over this drama! It’s been just hours since she rejoined social media and look at the mess she already made! Something tells us we’re in for a wild ride as she continues to tell more of her story! Thoughts? Sound OFF (below)!

[Image via Ryan Anderson/Instagram/TikTok & The View/YouTube]

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