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Jenelle Evans Claims David Eason Called Their Kids Homophobic Slurs! WTF?!

Jenelle Evans Claims David Eason Called Their Kids Homophobic Slurs -- To Their Faces! WTF?!

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

Jenelle Evans‘ latest court filings are even more disturbing than we initially knew.

As we’ve been reporting, the Teen Mom 2 alum filed a request for a protection order for herself and her three children — Jace, 14, Kaiser, 9, and Ensley, 7 — against her estranged husband David Eason. Just this week alone, Eason has threatened Jenelle publicly after the filing was made official and he was served with it. And it also came out on Wednesday that the 35-year-old man had actually killed a SECOND puppy at the couple’s home in the past! WTF!!

But now, things just took an even more unsettling turn. That’s because newly reviewed docs included with Jenelle’s protection request detail some absolutely horrific allegations of verbal abuse, the use of homophobic slurs against Jenelle’s children (!!!), and even more on David’s behalf. Ugh…

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Per the US Sun, the MTV alum claims that David has “told her to kill herself” at various points during their relationship in the past. And in that vein, the verbal abuse he has apparently been delivering habitually to Jenelle has only intensified in recent months amid their split, too:

“[Eason has been] abusive throughout the duration of the marriage of the parties. … Recently, and subsequent to the separation of the parties the emotional abuse has intensified.”


And the allegations themselves are absolutely DESPICABLE!!! Evans’ doc claims Eason has “exhibited emotionally abusive behavior to and in the presence of the minor children.” Specifically, she claims that he has said things like:

“I hate these kids.”


“These kids are a**holes.”


“I just want to run away from these mother f**kers and never come back.”

Who does that?! Jenelle also alleged that David said comments like these right to the kids’ faces:

“‘You’re stupid,’ ‘stop acting so gay,’ ‘little screaming bitch,’ ‘stop being a f*****,’ and ‘your mom is a piece of s**t.”

And there’s even more, sadly:

“‘Go kill yourself,’ ‘your own mother doesn’t even love you,’ ‘cry yourself to sleep,’ and ‘stupid f****** snitch bitch.'”

Suicide challenges and homophobic insults like the F-slur directed at CHILDREN?! And said right to their faces?? Obviously, it’s unacceptable to say those things to anyone at any time. But little kids?! Seriously?! What the f**k??

In the end, Jenelle is rightfully very worried about what this means for the kids’ mental state around David. She wrote as much in this new protective order filing:

“Defendant’s behavior causes a heightened level of anxiety for all three children in the home and he has a history of physically acting out to include punching or hitting holes and walls, throwing objects, stealing items from Jenelle. These former acts of physical intimidation have given plaintiff PTSD and she is scared this behavior might happen again soon. Some of those behaviors were in front of the children over the years.”

She also noted that Jace specifically is old enough at 14 now to understand what is going on, see David’s comments play out on social media, and hear about it from other kids at school:

“[Jace] is 14 years old and old enough to read all this online, in addition, this causes anxiety for him outside of the home and at school from classmates reading these public posts as well.”

Ugh. We are sending all the love and light in the world to Jace, Kaiser, and Ensley — and Jenelle too, obvi — but honestly it feels like that’s not nearly enough. This is so, so awful.

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