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Jennifer Aniston Calls David Schwimmer Dating Rumors 'Bizarre'

jennifer aniston, david scwhimmer : jen calls dating rumors 'bizarre'

Ross and Rachel may have been each other’s lobsters, but don’t look for that from David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston.

After admitting to a mutual crush during the Friends reunion special on HBO Max back in May, fans were kinda hoping one of the most iconic TV couples might become something IRL. After all, there was a spark back in 1994, and here they were fanning the flames over two decades later.

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And those flames definitely caught on, because shortly following the special, a source told Closer magazine that the pair were dating! The insider claimed:

“After the reunion, it became clear that reminiscing over the past had stirred up feelings for both of them and that chemistry they’d always had to bury was still there. They began texting immediately after filming and, just last month, David flew from his home in New York to see Jen in LA.”

Unfortunately for the legions of ecstatic fans, Schwimmer squashed those rumors pretty quickly. And now, his former TV baby momma has weighed in on the tall tale as well. When Entertainment Tonight asked the 52-year-old about the subject, she responded:

“That was bizarre. I could not believe that, actually. Like, really? That’s my brother!”

Was it really so “bizarre,” Jen? We mean, it wasn’t so long ago that her “brother” was declaring:

“At some point, we were crushing hard on each other. But it was like two ships passing because one of us was always in a relationship and we never crossed that boundary. We respected that.”

Brad Pitt’s ex even recalled saying it would be a “bummer” that their first kiss would be televised. She later joked about sleeping with her co-star on Howard Stern’s radio show, saying:

“I would proudly say I banged Schwimmer if that happened, but no.”

Brothers and sisters do not talk about each other that way outside of porn or Game of Thrones.

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All this to say — it’s really not bizarre to us that rumors would arise after all that! And even The Morning Show star had to concede that she got why the false story took off the way it did. She told ET:

“But I understand it, though. It just shows you how hopeful people are for fantasies, for dreams to come true.”

In other words, keep dreaming, people!

Seriously though, we suppose this statement from Jen puts the final nail in the coffin for any IRL Jennifer/David shippers. (Jenvids? Scwimmifers?) If they really did have a crush on each other back in the day, it seems their relationship is now in the familial zone. Ah, well… they’ll always have NOT going to Paris!

[Image via Nicky Nelson/WENN/Avalon]

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