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Jennifer Lopez's Los Angeles Home Target Of Fake 9-1-1 Calls After Inauguration Day Performance: Report

Jennifer Lopez is dealing with a rogue 9-1-1 emergency caller at her home in Los Angeles!

This is seriously messed up!

Apparently, someone has been SUPER pissed about Jennifer Lopez‘s stunning performances at Joe Biden‘s presidential inauguration back in January because even now, two months later, her Los Angeles home has been the target of a “flood” of phony 9-1-1 calls and emergency response demands. WTF?!

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According to TMZ, law enforcement sources have revealed that there have been “at least” 15 calls made to the Los Angeles Police Department about J.Lo’s El Lay-area crib in the last two months. The calls have been for a ton of different things that, n their face, sound like they could be believable to a dispatcher: loud music reported, people fighting, even a call of a man and woman arguing.

There’s just one problem: J.Lo and her man, Alex Rodriguez, haven’t even been in the home during the time of the calls, as she’s been working in the Dominican Republic recently and the house has been sitting empty. But clearly someone thinks of this as, like, a prank or an annoyance or something? What the heck??

The timing of this report is strange, too, because it comes out just as other reports previously insinuated that J.Lo and A-Rod had broken up. The couple hasn’t split up, though, and TMZ says this report on the phony 9-1-1 calls has nothing to do with the couple’s relationship, anyways. To them, it just seems like a bunch of phony calls from some fake source that’s trying to get the cops to flood J.Lo’s unoccupied home for some unknown reason. What is wrong with people?!

According to the insider info from law enforcement sources, the calls seemed to start shortly after Lopez’s Inauguration Day performance on Biden’s behalf in Washington, D.C. The possibility, then, is that whoever is making the calls is mad at Lopez for… absolutely killing it on national TV with her renditions of This Is Your Land and America The Beautiful?!

Seriously though, who’s jealous enough to start calling 9-1-1 over that??

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BTW, in case you haven’t seen it since that fateful day back in January, you can re-live Lopez’s incredible performances here (below):


Maybe not amazing enough to call the cops about! LOLz! But still amazing!

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Even A-Rod thought so at the time back in early January, as you’ll recall:

Love it!!

By the way, TMZ says the LAPD is throwing their manpower behind an investigation into this behavior, because whoever may be behind the phone calls could be charged with abusing the 9-1-1 system if caught.

Such a weird story! What is wrong with people today?! How hard is it to just, like, not do weird s**t like this and worry about your own life?! Seems simple enough to us!

[Image via WENN/Avalon]

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