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Jim Bob Duggar Tried To Send Jill's Husband Derick Dillard To Rehab For Having ONE BEER?!

Jim Bob Duggar Tried To Send Jill's Husband Derick Dillard To Rehab For Having ONE BEER?!

Derick Dillard had exactly one beer and nearly went to rehab?! What is this, an after school special??

This was not because he wanted to, mind you. As the story goes, Jill Duggar Dillard‘s husband was the focal point of her overbearing father Jim Bob Duggar‘s concern after Derick enjoyed ONE beer with dinner.


Jill’s long-awaited memoir Counting The Cost was released on Tuesday. The 32-year-old mom of three has been doing the media rounds to promote the book — as more wild stories from the tell-all are being discovered. This latest story about her 34-year-old hubby dealing with the 19 Kids and Counting patriarch is priceless!!

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At one point in the book, co-written by author Craig Borlase, Jill recalls a moment where Jim Bob accused Derick of being an alcoholic needing to enter rehab. The accusation came after Derick had a single beer at dinner! ONE BEER!!! Alcohol had been forbidden in Jim Bob’s world while he was raising Jill and her siblings, so seeing Derick imbibe one single sudsy beverage was too much for the Duggar family head.

Jill wrote:

“Pops had made contact soon after and offered to send Derick to the same rehab facility Josh had been to, in the hope of curing Derick’s clearly raging alcoholism.”

Waaaaaaaaaaaait a minute… Jim Bob not only thought having one beer meant alcoholism (which is absurd), but he also thought the solution was to give Derick the same rehab opportunity as Josh Duggar went to after MOLESTING MULTIPLE CHILDREN INCLUDING HIS YOUNGER SISTERS?! Seriously??

Michelle Duggar‘s husband was apparently serious about the offer, too. After Jim Bob asked what Jill’s husband wanted to do, Derick demurred:

“Since he’d never been drunk or ever had more than two beers in any one sitting, Derick declined.”

As he should have!!

It’s wild to us that Jim Bob wanted the same “help” for Derick — for enjoying a beer — that Josh had after his sickening child molestation came to light. Of course, from what we’ve heard of Josh’s “rehab” it’s not like it would have helped anyone with a real dependency problem anyway. The way we understand it, that was just a pastor pal of Jim Bob’s who gave Josh a talking-to while doing some construction work. And we all know how that turned out. He’s doing a nearly 13-year bid for child porn possession.

What a s**t show!

[Image via KGUN News/YouTube/Derick Dillard/Instagram]

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