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Joe Jonas PRESSURED Sophie Turner To Attend Events When She Was Struggling Postpartum?!

Joe Jonas PRESSURED Sophie Turner To Attend Events When She Was Struggling Postpartum?!

It’s Joe Jonas‘ turn in the hot seat now…

So far, reports have definitely been favoring the Jonas Brothers star amid his shocking divorce from Sophie Turner. We’ve heard her partying was supposedly the reason for the split, and that Joe saw or heard something scandalous on a security camera that made him finally decide to file after months of bickering. But now it appaers there’s more to the story!

TMZ spoke to several sources on Thursday who are now calling the singer out for his alleged actions leading towards the breakup. According to multiple insiders, the Game of Thrones alum was really struggling after the birth of their second child — and Joe was “less than supportive.” Oof.

Apparently, this controversy began around July when the little one — who was described as “D.J.” in the divorce papers — was born. The actress didn’t want to leave their home postpartum. Specifically, she wasn’t up for being photographed or going to events. Understandable after giving birth and dealing with the challenges of raising two kids (they share Willa, 3, as well). Unfortunately, the Disney Channel alum didn’t understand what she was going through!

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Joe reportedly encouraged Sophie to come to several events with him even though she didn’t want to. At one event (that wasn’t named) the 27-year-old told several people she was “uncomfortable and didn’t want to be there,” per the outlet. She must’ve made her feelings known to JJ afterward since the Devotion alum showed up solo at his next event shortly after.

This seemingly irritated the Waffle House artist since the 34-year-old then complained his wife was MIA and said he felt she needed to get out more while at that solo event. Based on the convo, it was clear to those he spoke with that there was a strain in the relationship. What a bummer!

But it’s also inneresting since this is pretty much the exact opposite of what initial sources first said about the reason for the breakup… TMZ originally learned the couple had been “serious problems” in their relationship for the last six months, specifically because the Do Revenge star supposedly likes to party so much when he’d rather chill at home.

But, as we’ve covered, fans have been skeptical of this since the celebs themselves described Sophie as the “homebody” in the relationship back in 2020. So either things changed this year or someone’s lying! Just sayin’!!

That said, sources connected to the musician did acknowledge there have been “challenges in the relationship” — but didn’t go so far as to claim it was because of his post-birth behavior. Instead, they insisted he’s been supportive of Sophie for taking an acting job in London that caused her to be away from home for a while. Not exactly the same thing as being supportive of her postpartum, though!

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[Image via MEGA/WENN & Sophie Turner/Instagram]

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