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Kanye West Uses Queen Elizabeth's Death To End His Feud With Pete Davidson! OKAY!

Kanye West Uses Queen Elizabeth's Death To End His Feud With Pete Davidson! WTF?!

Kanye West is keeping it cool with his very public enemies. And apparently it all stems from the Queen’s sad death this week?

As we’ve been reporting, Queen Elizabeth II passed away while surrounded by family members and loved ones at Balmoral Castle in Scotland on Thursday. In the 24-ish hours since that sad event, it seems like the entire world has shared their condolences and reactions to her death. That list of public figures mourning the monarch can now include Ye, too. Very late on Thursday night, the Hurricane rapper took to his favorite social media app, Instagram, to deliver a message of forgiveness and grief.

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The Jesus Walks performer’s first post was quickly deleted, but it was definitely the most interesting one — because in it, Ye called out Pete DavidsonKid Cudi, and Adidas biz exec Daniel Cherry by name! Of course, the Yeezy brand mogul has been feuding with all three of those men, and recently has taken to IG to call them out in a very aggressive way. But now the father of four is turning over a new leaf.

In a since-deleted post, Ye initially wrote (below):



Releasing all grudges? Leaning into the light? Does that mean no more beef?! What will Prod By Zaqq do now?!?! (If you know, you know. No cap!)

Kanye West Uses Queen Elizabeth's Death To End His Feud With Pete Davidson! WTF?!
Kanye posted and then quickly deleted this before re-uploading an altered version! / (c) Kanye West/Instagram

BTW, in that initial post, Ye also photoshopped the late Queen into a pair of Yeezy wraparound shades. Funny, but maybe not the best thing to do considering her death is the impetus for all of this. But hey, a tribute is better than a diss, that’s for sure.

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West must have thought better of that message, because he quickly deleted it and re-uploaded a new post. In the second edition, Ye shared the same sentiment of releasing grudges, but he removed Pete, Cudi, and Cherry’s names from the messaging. He also declined to re-upload that picture of the Queen in Yeezy shades, instead sharing two old pics of the late matriarch in her earlier days as a monarch.

Kanye West Uses Queen Elizabeth's Death To End His Feud With Pete Davidson! WTF?!
Ye took to IG a second time, but left Pete and Cudi’s names off the update! / (c) Kanye West/Instagram


As of Friday morning, that post is still live on Ye’s page, too. You can see it HERE. In the comments of the second post, fans reacted to Kim Kardashian’s estranged husband’s initial offering, lamented on the Queen’s passing, and shared opinions about the apparent end of hostilities towards the Saturday Night Live alum and others who caught the artist’s ire:

“I prefer the first post”


“No. Let the monarchy run all the stolen property back”

“we already saw the edit you deleted bro”

“She’s just another colonizer we outlived”

“We needed the queen in those yeezy shades! That was the photo!”

“ye is the new king of england”

“ye put the other one back up”

“I love how Kanye is using Instagram like it’s twitter”

“i liked the first version on the post”

So that’s that, then?! Great. Now can Yeezy properly, quietly, and consistently co-parent his four kids with Kim?? No more drama! No more bull s**t! Especially when it’s aired out in public! Just saying!!

[Image via MEGA/TNYF/Adriana M. Barraza/WENN]

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