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What's That Growth On Kanye West's Lip?!

What's That Growth On Kanye West's Lip?!

Uhhh, what’s going on on Kanye West’s lip??

On Monday, the disgraced rapper took to his Instagram account to drop in yet another rant. This time, his gripe was about complaints he received for posting the same video of his wife Bianca Censori three times in a row. Most of it was typical Ye blabber about how he’s “the king” and to leave him “the f**k alone.” OK, sure. But fans were much more innerested in a mystery bump that popped up on his upper lip!

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In the footage, you can see clear as day some sort of growth that sprouted up for reasons unknown. Maybe he accidentally bit down too hard with his new permanent titanium grill?? Watch (below):

Or… maybe it’s something else completely…

On Tuesday, Dr. Praveen Sharma, renowned dental specialist, offered up some possible explanations to the

“One of the commonest causes of lumps on the lips is being infected with herpes.”

HERPES?! If that allegation is true, we feel bad for Bianca! We certainly wouldn’t want to kiss him if we were her! The doctor added:

“These can also arise from physical trauma or an allergic reaction. Sometimes these are painful or uncomfortable but are often harmless and will clear up without treatment. Blocked minor salivary glands in the lip can also appear as swellings that can sometimes change size during mealtimes when more saliva is produced.”

Kanye West Has A Mystery Growth On His Lip!
(c) Kanye West/Instagram

What do YOU think it could be?? Let us know down in the comments!

[Images via Kanye West/Instagram]

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