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'Paranoid' Kanye West Went Through Wife's Phone Thinking She Was Cheating -- What He Found Was More Upsetting!

Bianca Censori 'Pressured' Kanye West To Make That Apology -- Because Her Friends Are So Scared For Her

Is this the real reason why Kanye West made that apology video?

The 46-year-old rapper issued a public apology to the Jewish community last month shortly after his antisemitic album listening parties. It was an unexpected statement from Kanye, considering he spent months saying problematic and offensive comments without ever attempting to express regret for his words. However, the apology soon backfired.

While Ye may have hoped the message would help fix his rep, it only landed him in deeper hot water when people realized AI allegedly was used to write the post. In addition, we later found out his wife, Bianca Censori, had been the one to make him drop an apology note. So people weren’t buying that Kanye was genuinely sorry for his actions! Bianca also didn’t seem to be happy with how he handled the situation!

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Now Kanye is rolling out a new apology, this time in the form of a 40-minute video. And Bianca apparently had been the one to force him — again — to make it! Friends close to the 29-year-old architectural designer claimed to that she “pressured” him to record an apology as she and her loved ones were terrified for her safety! They explained:

“Kanye was pressured by Bianca to make this video because she was extremely worried that he was putting their safety at risk. They have had threats and her friends have expressed their fear in several text messages to her. With everything going on in the world with Israel, Kanye is putting himself in the line of fire and would make a very easy target because of how accessible he is. This terrifies everyone who knows Bianca.”

Oof. Her pals have voiced their concerns to Bianca, even begging her to dump Kanye in order to protect herself. Their messages have only created more problems for the architect, though…

According to the insider, after noticing she received a ton of messages Kanye became upset his wife had been texting another man! That wasn’t the case, but instead of trusting Bianca, the record producer went through her phone, read every single text she had, and even messaged her friends back:

“Kanye is paranoid right now and is skeptical of everyone, including his own wife. He found her phone the other day and started messaging her friends thinking they may be a man. There were a ton of messages from her friends urging her to leave him and get out while she can. There were friends telling her to come back home. He started messaging them and, of course, it was just her friends.”

WTF? The source continued:

“She has zero free time to cheat or even be alone. She is with him every second of the day and he does not let her out of his sight. She is suffocated and she knows what her friends want. She is struggling with what she wants right now.”

Well, we doubt an apology video will fix things for the couple. TMZ reported that Kanye spent most of the 40-minute clip “rambling,” making it impossible to understand what he was trying to say half the time. So it seems unlikely the backlash will stop anytime soon. We’ll see what happens when Kanye reportedly releases the new apology sometime before he and Ty Dolla $ign drop their album Vultures on February 9. Since the artists keep pushing back the album, though, it could be weeks before the clip comes out! Perhaps Bianca will figure out what she wants to do by then…

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