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Kate Gosselin Shares Rare Pic Of (Most Of) Her Kids Together -- And All Grown Up At 20 YEARS OLD!!!

Kate Gosselin Shares Rare Pic Of Four Of Her Sextuplets All Grown Up -- They Aren't Teenagers Anymore!

We can’t believe time flies this fast!

Kate Gosselin celebrated the perfect Mother’s Day on Sunday by posting a new — and very rare — picture to her Instagram account: four of her sextuplets all grown up! And when we say “all grown up,” we really mean it. They aren’t children anymore, y’all. They aren’t even TEENAGERS anymore! Where did the time go?!

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The 49-year-old mom of eight took to IG on Sunday to publish her first post since last summer. In it, she shared a picture of four of her sextuplets: AlexisAadenJoel, and Leah. They were all situated around a birthday cake celebrating their 20th (!!!) birthday on Friday. That’s right, y’all! The kids from Jon And Kate Plus 8 are TWENTY now!! Momma Gosselin captioned the post like this (below):

“No more teenagers in this house! Happy 20th birthday, my forever babies! I love you! Who feels old? I know I do!”

We feel old, too! As you can see (below), all four kids looked happy as they posed for momma:


We can’t believe it’s been 20 freakin’ years. We’re washed up, y’all. LOLz!!

Like we said, Kate’s last IG post came in July 2023, and it was far more unsettling than this one. In it, she penned a lengthy message about her other two sextuplets — Collin and Hannah, from whom she’s been estranged for years. In that post, Kate claimed Collin had been battling persistent and concerning mental health issues and was violent and unpredictable amid the ordeal. In response, Jon Gosselin‘s ex-girlfriend Colleen Conrad stepped in to defend Collin and vehemently denied Kate’s claims. Two weeks after that, Collin himself publicly called out his mother over the allegations, as well.

Thankfully, this birthday/Mother’s Day post is far happier, even if Collin and Hannah weren’t around for it. (They are estranged from Kate as we noted. Meanwhile, the ex-couple’s two older twins, 23-year-olds Mady and Cara, are estranged from Jon.) Regardless, HBD to all the sextuplets!

[Image via TLC/YouTube]

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