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Kate Upton Says Breastfeeding 'Was Sucking The Energy Away' From Her!!

Kate Upton talks breastfeeding

Kate Upton isn’t forgetting to take care of herself in between breastfeeding her baby girl.

In a new cover story for Editorialist, the 27-year-old spoke out on the extreme pressure moms feel to get everything right when it comes to taking care of their children — and revealed how that just wasn’t going to fly with her.

Dishing on how life has changed since she and husband Justin Verlander welcomed their daughter Genevieve in November 2018, the supermodel said:

“Having VeVe has changed my life in such a wonderful way.”

But she also admitted to putting “so much pressure” on herself “to be doing all these things, like breastfeeding on the go,” after her daughter was born.

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Eventually, Kate realized feeding was taking a toll on her body. She explained:

“The reality, for me, was that breastfeeding was sucking the energy away from me. I realized I needed to calm down, to allow my body to recover.”

A healthy body is important — especially for a new mom!

Kate Upton daughter flying airplane
Kate and VeVe flying in November 2019. / (c) Kate Upton/Instagram

Upton and her Houston Astros pitcher husband have made other changes for the sake of their daughter, like keeping a close watch on their technology habits so they can focus on living in the moment with little Genevieve.

She said:

“I think my husband wants me to throw my phone away. We talk about it in the house all the time: ‘Let’s have a phone-free dinner.’ We don’t want [our daughter] thinking being on the phone is all that life is… I want to be enjoying my life, enjoying my family, not constantly trying to take the perfect picture.

Sounds like her priorities are in order!

The Sports Illustrated star went on to say how she tries “to be a positive influence” when it comes to inclusivity in the modeling industry, explaining:

“There’s definitely movement toward being more inclusive, representing a more diverse model and not having a definition of what a model is anymore. But obviously, there’s a lot more that needs to be done… I’m not doing this [job] just so I can play dress up.”

Last year, the model slammed Victoria’s Secret amid rumors that the lingerie brand would be canceling its annual fashion show, telling Andy Cohen on WWHL:

“You know what? We’re sick of seeing the same body type. You have to be body inclusive now. Every woman needs to be represented, otherwise, it’s a snoozefest.”

Momma’s got a great head on her shoulders!

[Image via WENN]

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