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Brandon Blackstock SLAMS Ex Kelly Clarkson's Latest Lawsuit Move With Aggressive New Filing -- Details!

Brandon Blackstock SLAMS Ex Kelly Clarkson's Latest Lawsuit Move With Aggressive New Filing -- Details!

It doesn’t seem like Kelly Clarkson and her ex Brandon Blackstock are EVER going to stop duking it out in court, does it?

As we’ve been reporting in recent months, the American Idol alum has filed a new lawsuit against Brandon and his family’s company Starstruck Entertainment. In that suit, she is seeking a payment of more than $2.6 million. That money is floating out there in contention after a California labor commissioner previously ruled that Brandon’s family firm acted as an “unlicensed talent agency” on Kelly’s behalf since 2007. In doing so, the agency allegedly procured for Brandon and its biz coffers much higher commissions and more significant cuts of her deals and contracts than what was legally allowable. Thus, the Since U Been Gone singer wants the money that she’s owed. But now, Brandon is clapping back!!

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Late on Tuesday night, Page Six reported on a brand-new filing Blackstock just made with the court. In it, Brandon’s legal team explained in no uncertain terms that he “denies each and every allegation” made by the Stronger pop star in her suit asking for the $2.6 million. And not only that, but Brandon wants a judge to scrap the suit and void the labor commissioner’s prior determination!

Per Blackstock’s new filing, the 41-year-old daytime TV talk show host didn’t “file a notice of appeal within ten days” after the labor commissioner’s ruling originally came down. Because of that, Brandon’s attorneys are claiming that his ex-wife lost the right to file any legal docs demanding access to that money. According to them, her claim on the cash is outside of its proper jurisdiction and ought to be tossed.

Not only that, but Brandon’s legal team also claims that “any alleged illegal procurement” made by him and Starstruck on Kelly’s behalf since 2007 has already been paid out to the crooner amid the ex-couple’s difficult divorce and the division of their estate and assets. And as if that isn’t even enough, Brandon’s new docs also assert that Kelly’s money claim “fails to state facts sufficient to constitute a cause of action against Starstruck.”

So, basically, it goes like this: (1) Kelly didn’t file fast enough to get her money back, (2) even if she had, the money had already been paid back, and (3) her side has no case, anyways. Those are Brandon’s arguments, at least! Something tells us Kelly’s crew isn’t gonna just roll over and quit after this latest filing, tho. She wants what she says she’s owed, ya know? Plus we already know she’s feeling recharged and confident once again now that she’s single and fierce AF! Thus, this battle is probably going to rage on… and on, and on, and on… (FYI, per Page Six, as of early Wednesday AM, Kelly’s team couldn’t be reached for comment regarding this new filing.)

Of course, the exes still have to find a way to co-parent daughter River, 9, and son Remington, 8 through all this. Oof. Let’s hope that side of things stays very, very smooth and steady for the kids’ sakes! What do U make of this latest update in the ex-couple’s never-ending legal tussle, y’all?? Share your reactions in the comments (below)!

[Image via Adriana M. Barraza/WENN/Avalon]

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