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Why Fans Think Kendall Jenner & Hailey Bieber Are Feuding!

Why Fans Think Kendall Jenner & Hailey Bieber Are Feuding!

Uh-oh! Have Hailey Bieber and Kendall Jenner hit a road bump in their friendship!? Fans are now convinced something’s up! Let’s look at the evidence…

Over the weekend, both models made a point to show off how much fun they were having in France while attending the Monaco Grand Prix in Monte Carlo. But here’s the thing: while they were living their best lives, they seemingly NEVER interacted! Two besties both happen to be partying in the same city 6,000 miles around the world — but don’t make time to say hey? Now fans think they might be feuding!

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Kendall began by posting a series of snapshots taken by the French Riviera. The Kardashians star wore a sexy bikini covered up by a sheer dress and two female friends stood beside her. Two friends who weren’t Hailey. In her Instagram Story, she recorded her view of fireworks from her spot on a boat. Fans also believe they spotted her with her new boyfriend Bad Bunny, but he didn’t make the photo dump. More of their low-key thing, we guess…

Ch-ch-check it out!

Meanwhile, Hailey uploaded photos from her own getaway — and they were VERY similar! She and hubby Justin Bieber were seen soaking up the sun with pal Justine Skye, who is also close with Kendall. But here’s the biggest piece of evidence…

The Rhode founder and her crew were also spotted hanging out with the reality star’s ex Devin Booker! Hmm. So, they avoided Kendall but sought out Devin? Now that feels shady!!

Now, there’s always the chance they met up somewhere privately, but… that seems unlikely. We’d think they would have made each other’s feeds if so!

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As Perezcious readers know, Hailey and Justin have been friends with the KarJenners for years, which is why it was so strange for fans to see the threesome at the same place at the same time and not get together! Over on Reddit, one worried fan wondered what was going on, pointing out under a pic of Kendall:

“Hailey and Justine were in Monaco the entire weekend too. But they didn’t see Kendall at all, instead she stayed with Bad Bunny and his crew and Justin and Hailey were with Booker. Wonder if there’s some drama.”

Another person chimed in:

“The last time Kendall was spotted with the Biebers was during Coachella? I’ve mostly seen her hanging out with Taco, Renell, and Tyler.”

Someone else mused:

“Wonder if anything happened there. Found that weird since Hailey/Kendall/Justine are the trio.”

A fourth user found the identical trips odd because they’ve still been interacting with each other on social media, noting:

“Yes I agree, they still like posts, etc but just not with each other the amount of time as before”


Seems like something’s going on! But what could it be?? Maybe it has something to do with Hailey and Kylie Jenner‘s drama with Selena Gomez? Earlier this year, those two and Justine were put on blast and labeled “mean girls” when it looked like they were making fun of the Disney Channel alum. The whole thing turned into a massive scandal for Hailey in particular, whose problematic behavior and apparent jealousy of Selly resurfaced online. Kendall was even dragged into the controversy, too, when fans speculated she helped meddle in Selena and Justin’s relationship so Hailey could be with JB for NYE!

Maybe Kendall is distancing herself from Hailey in light of the bad PR? Or did something else happen behind the scenes that pissed one of them off? Heck, maybe the Biebers don’t like Bad Bunny?? Consider us curious! So far, neither celeb has addressed the speculation, but we gotta admit, it is a little strange to see them doing pretty much the exact same thing just without the other! Do U think something might be wrong? Send us your theories (below)!

[Image via Hailey Bieber Kendall Jenner/Instagram]

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