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Did Kim Kardashian's 'Hot & Cold Behavior' Drive Pete Davidson To Have A 'Meltdown' On Set Of His TV Show?!

Did Kim Kardashian's 'Hot And Cold' Behavior Drive Pete Davidson To Have A 'Meltdown' On Set Of TV Show?!

These reports are just as “hot and cold” as Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson‘s current relationship!

If you’ve been keeping up, earlier this week a source told TMZ that Kete was absolutely NOT in communication following the couple’s August breakup. The source insisted all the rumors we’ve been hearing recently about them texting constantly and even secretly hooking up two months after their split were “flat-out false.” But were they wrong? We’re starting to have doubts because a new source has come out of the woodwork and they not only claim the pair is in talks, but blame Pete’s deteriorating mental health on Kim’s “hot and cold behavior”! Wait, what??

On Thursday, an insider told The US Sun that the SNL alum has been having a very difficult time following the breakup — so much so he just had a very public and destructive outburst on the set of his new TV show, Bupkis! Yikes!!

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According to the confidant, the actor is struggling with Kim playing games since she has been initiating a lot of conversation, but won’t fully reconcile with her ex-boyfriend. They spilled:

“Pete is still obsessed with Kim. She is in touch [with Pete although] she’s turning down all of his requests to get together. There’s been contact and Kim is actually the one who texts him a lot — she’s always messaging and sending pictures.”

Sending pictures?? Hmm…

While there’s no confirmation they ever hooked up after calling it quits, it sounds like the momma of four may be having a hard time cutting him loose — or even just letting him go! It’s unlikely they’ll rekindle their spark anytime soon, though, since the aspiring lawyer has her eyes on a much bigger prize:

“Kim is all about her upcoming divorce finalization and is letting nothing stand in the way. She does not want Kanye [West] to have any meltdowns. So Kim is making it very clear she is single.”

Makes sense! Kanye was pretty pissed off with Pete in the picture! While his tirades shouldn’t influence the way she lives her life, at this rate, we bet she’s just desperate to get the divorce finalized. And with Ye’s ongoing antisemitism scandals, he’s in enough hot water as it is.  Interestingly, Pete “thought giving her space was the right thing to do” at first, the insider explained:

“When Kim called it off a few months ago he was understanding because he thought she was [worried about] her current stresses of the kids, the long distance, Kanye and her crazy schedule.”

Since she’s still keeping in touch, the funnyman is now having a tough time processing the split, the confidant shared:

“It’s got to be hard for Pete though — she’s going hot and cold, she doesn’t want to string him along but she can’t be with him right now.”

It’s this very complicated sitch that supposedly led the 28-year-old to suffer a “meltdown” on the TV set last week, the insider suggested:

“Everyone suspects that’s the reason behind his meltdown last week.”

Meltdown is definitely the right word for what went down…

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A Bupkis production insider dished all about the reported outburst which occurred last Thursday — and it sounds really unfortunate! The industry insider recalled the actor “threw two candles through his trailer and damaged a second truck’s windshield.” Things were no better inside his trailer where he also broke a TV! The source said:

“He also threw coffee on the walls and broke a TV in half inside his trailer.”

Damn! It was so bad, the comedian was sent home to collect himself:

“Apparently, Pete’s been given some time off to get his s**t together and focus on himself.”

Yeesh. If it warranted time off, it must have been really messy. The outlet did some digging and, thankfully, a police report wasn’t filed in Long Island City, New York, where the sitcom is being filmed. The actor also reportedly returned to work this Thursday, so that hopefully means he’s in a better headspace. He’s yet to address the controversy, though.

Obviously, Kim might not be the only thing weighing on him right now. Bupkis is described as a “heightened fictionalized version of Pete Davidson’s life,” so maybe there are extra emotions swirling as he films? If it’s such a personal project, there could be sensitive material to tackle or he’s just fighting for his story to be told the right way. But if it’s true his outburst was a result of his texting with Kim, maybe they really should stop talking? We’re looking at you Miz reality TV. It’s not fair to either of them to string themselves along if it’s going to amount to nothing but mental health challenges. What do U think? Let us know (below)!

[Image via Saturday Night Live/Allure/YouTube]

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