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Kanye West Is 'Totally Trying To Win Kim Back' Amid Divorce -- And She's Reportedly 'Considering It'!

Kanye West Is 'Totally Trying To Win Kim Back' Amid Divorce -- And She's Reportedly 'Considering It'!

What breakup?!

Kanye West is apparently still very keen on winning back his estranged wife. And even more jaw-dropping, from what sources are saying right now, Kim Kardashian is apparently considering it!


Hey, more power to the reality TV superstar if she wants to keep her family intact, especially if Yeezy really has mellowed out and been on his best behavior. Still, let’s just say we’re shocked this is even allegedly up for discussion at this point!

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According to a source who spoke to ET about the estranged couple’s interesting dynamic, it sure sounds like the Jesus Walks rapper has been putting in extra time to get back into Kim’s good graces.

The insider revealed exactly the degree to which reconciliation could be a possibility by dropping this bombshell on the world (below):

“Kim and Kanye’s relationship is in a much healthier space. They have been speaking a lot more frequently and have been spending more time together on their own and as a family. Kanye is totally trying to win Kim back and she is considering it, but he still has a lot to prove to her. Their relationship had to start over in order for it to begin again, and there are still some things that he has to absolutely work on in order for things to progress.”

WHAT?! Even after hearing rumblings for a bit, that’s a HUGE quote… could this reconciliation really happen??

Consider our jaws DROPPED!

Still, though, Kim does have some concerns about Yeezy — especially after he pretty much copped to cheating on her in his new track Hurricane on the Donda album.

The insider cautioned:

“She definitely sees that he has been making an effort, but she also knows that he can be a loose cannon at times and she is concerned about that. She is worried that one day he might snap and become mentally unstable again, making it an unhealthy environment for the kids.”


But still, when things were working, they were working really well, and Kim isn’t too keen on forgetting that.

If they can just get back to the good days, the insider claims, things might be on the right track for these two:

“She is however hopeful and knows that he is currently on the right track. A part of them both want to have a happy, healthy, and faithful, partnership like they once had. Kim’s main focus is on her kids and she wants them to thrive individually, lead happy and healthy lives and feel supported and loved by their family. The kids are in a great space at the moment and are hopeful that their dad can be healthy and become more involved in their everyday lives again. Kim and Kanye still think of themselves as a family unit and Kim wants her kids to feel and know that.”


Just… wow!

Thoughts, Perezcious readers????

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