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Kim Kardashian Kept Odell Beckham Jr. Romance Secret To Avoid Being Called A 'Homewrecker': SOURCE

Kim Kardashian Kept Odell Beckham Jr. Romance Secret To Avoid Being Called A 'Homewrecker'

Apparently, Kim Kardashian wanted to keep her relationship with Odell Beckham Jr. quiet for as long as possible.

Perezcious readers know rumors that the pair are dating have circulated since September 2023, with a report from E! News saying that the two have “great chemistry.” However, the outlet noted The Kardashians star isn’t “seriously dating anyone at the moment.” Since then, Kim and Odell continued to fuel romance rumors as they hung out with each other in public, including at JAY-Z‘s pre-Grammys party last weekend. Now, most recent reports suggest things are getting serious between them! According to Us Weekly, an insider shared that the couple’s “relationship has been blossoming longer than people thought — for like a year.”

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A year?! Damn! She sure knows how to keep a secret! But why all the secrecy about her romance with Odell? Why not be as open with their relationship as she has been previously? This is a bit unusual for Kimmy Kakes. Well, there is a reason for her being more secretive about her love life this time around! A new report claims Kim was not going to let anyone think or say she broke up another relationship! A source for said on Friday that Kim and Odell are exclusive now after trying (and failing) to keep their relationship under wraps:

“Kim has been romantically involved with Odell since last summer and thought she had managed to keep it under wraps. She is not seeing anyone else right now – at least not that her close friends know of.”

A big reason she and the 31-year-old wide receiver attempted to have their relationship very private? The source said she did not want to be falsely labeled as a “homewrecker!” News of Odell’s breakup from longtime girlfriend Lauren Wood, with whom he shares 1-year-old son Zydn, broke in September. However, it is unknown when their relationship officially came to an end. Kim and Odell then began “hanging out” shortly after the split. While the source insists there was no overlap between the relationships, the twosome still wanted to avoid any speculation he left Lauren for the SKIMS creator:

“Kim really wanted to keep this romance private for two reasons. One is that he has a one-year-old son with his ex Lauren Woods. They both wanted to avoid any speculation that he left Lauren for Kim – branding Kim a homewrecker.”

Hmm. And of course, another reason for hiding the relationship was her ex-husband Kanye West. Kim does not want a repeat of the intense online harassment from the Stronger rapper! We all saw how nasty the bullying got during her relationship with Pete Davidson! The source said:

“The second reason is to avoid the backlash from Kanye. After what Kanye put Pete Davidson through, Kim wants to avoid that at all costs. It is only a matter of time now before Kanye says something publicly, but he has no solid proof.”

Yeesh. No one can blame her for trying to avoid part two of that whole debacle — or being called a homewrecker since the timelines of their romance and his breakup with Lauren are unclear. But these two may want to clarify the exact timeline soon before the speculation erupts! You cannot deny the timing of everything could be viewed as a bit suspicious!

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[Image via Lauren Wood/Instagram, Vogue/YouTube, WENN/Avalon]

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