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Kourtney Kardashian's REAL Feelings About Scott Disick 'Talking Behind Her Back' -- After He Treated Her 'Badly'?!

kourtney kardashian, scott disick : how kourtney really feels about scott talking behind her back

Kourtney Kardashian’s relationship with her baby daddy has always been complicated, but lately Scott Disick is making things a LOT more difficult.

As we previously reported, Lord Disick is in hot water for allegedly messaging Kourt’s OTHER ex, Younes Bendjima, to talk s**t about her romantic vacay with current beau Travis Barker. Not a good look for Scott at ALL, and yes, even on holiday, the lovebirds have seen it. They responded with some subtle shade on their respective social media.

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But how does the reality star really feel about all this unnecessary drama? Not the social media sass, but the true, deep feelings about her longtime love acting like a spurned teen?

Sadly, she’s “not surprised” that her ex would be “talking behind her back,” according to a source for E! News. The insider claims the KUWTK alum knows Scott “still has issues accepting her love with Travis.”

The insider added:

“She just wishes he would know better than to reach out to Younes of all people. Younes can never be trusted and Scott knows that.”

Yeah, those feelings may have been better suited for a therapist. Or a private journal. Or how about one of Scott’s ACTUAL friends? We mean, why would he go straight to Younes in this situation?!

Apparently, the 42-year-old feels the Talentless founder “had a moment of weakness and did something impulsive that he will now regret” — you know, now that it’s been leaked publicly and all — and hopes that he will “learn” from his mistake.

As for the ex that put the whole situation on blast, the source shared:

“Kourtney is cordial with Younes, but that’s it. She doesn’t trust him or his intentions.”

Otherwise, the momma of three “doesn’t care” what her co-parent thinks of her new relationship or “how she lives her life.”

The insider explained:

“She’s not going to change what she’s doing and is going to keep enjoying her trip. … Kourtney is madly in love with Travis and that’s really all that matters to her. Everyone needs to get over it.”

But though Kris Jenner’s oldest took the high road publicly (posting a Bible quote on her Twitter), she may not be done throwing shade. On Wednesday, the Poosh founder posted on her Instagram Story about a new feature on her lifestyle website, writing:

“HOW TO GET OVER SOMEONE who treated you BADLY a @poosh SPECIAL”

kourtney kardashian : how to get over someone who treated you badly ig story
(c) Kourtney Kardashian/Instagram

The article discusses “recovering from a broken heart” as well as the “mental damage your former partner left you with,” and why being in love causes people to “let several red flags slide.” We imagine that definitely applies to Kourtney and Scott’s nearly decade-long relationship of not-quite-happily-ever-afters.

That being said, there are a lot of similar stories on Poosh (“Why Do We Accept Being Undervalued?,” “The Difference Between Love and Settling,” “Are You Guilty of Saying These Invalidating Comments?” etc.), and the TV personality frequently shares those kinds of articles on her ‘gram, so it’s not necessarily Scott-related. Or maybe it’s ALL Scott-related?

You know, “What to Do When Your Ex Talks S**t Behind Your Back” could be a great topic for Poosh to cover. Just sayin’. Sadly, Kourtney may just be an expert on the subject. We hope she continues living her best life and doesn’t let any of this nonsense get to her.

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