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Is Kourtney Kardashian Pregnant? Fans Think She's Been Dropping Hints!

Is Kourtney Kardashian Pregnant? Fans Seem To Think She's Been Dropping Hints!

The rumblings are getting louder and louder about Kourtney Kardashian possibly being pregnant!

And it’s not just the rumor mill churning into overdrive on this one — the Poosh founder and her fiancé, Travis Barker, appear to be stirring the pot a little bit, too!

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Over the weekend, fans and followers of the reality TV star’s social media accounts started noticing some really interesting things going on. Taken together, all the hints could suggest that the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star is pregnant. But without any confirmation from Kourt herself, there’s really no way to know. Or… is there???

It all started more than a week ago after the 42-year-old mom of three encouraged her Poosh readers to try a “dry January.” That’s a popular detox following what is, for many, an overly-indulgent holiday season. But it would also be a very convenient way for Kourt to shun alcohol while laying low on any potential pregnancy reveal for at least a few more weeks. Couple that with a recent Instagram photo showing Kourt enjoying water in a champagne glass, and… yeah! Interesting timing, that’s all!

But wait… there’s more!

Scott Disick‘s ex has been posting older pics on her IG account recently, including a set of snaps from a 2005 (!) visit to Cabo San Lucas. She’s also been showing off new selfies that don’t show her lower half very much — an easy way to hide any alleged baby bump, right?!

And then over this past weekend, Kourt’s IG Stories were full of snaps of a bedazzled avocado accessory and an artistic selfie taken with her hands placed strategically over her stomach. Girl!!! Barstool Sports ratcheted up the controversy with a Chicks post that openly questioned whether Kourt potentially has a bun in the oven.

Putting together all the avocado-related evidence, the outlet pondered (below):

“Does this avocado mean that Kourtney Kardashian and [her fiancé], Travis Barker, are pregnant? Kourtney posted an old Instagram which you know in Kardashian-Jenner world, that means world they’re pregnant. Then Kourtney Kardashian posted this avocado to her Instagram Story and kept showing it off. Then she posted this picture with her hands over her stomach. And at 16 weeks, your baby is the size of an avocado.”


Here’s the full compilation of all the video evidence potentially suggesting a possible pregnancy for the Poosh founder (below):


And here’s where those conspiracy-minded questions get even MORE interesting: the official Poosh IG account double-tapped that Chicks post! Holy s**t!!! Either Kourt’s social media team is trolling like champs, or they know fans are starting to catch on!

Actually, catch on is an understatement. Followers across social channels are piping up with a LOT of thoughts on Kourt’s possible baby bump, including Instagrammers who dove deep throughout Sunday and well into Monday (below):

“I mean, you’re probably not wrong”

“I’m here for it”

“Poosh messy for liking”

“Any time there’s a pregnancy theory about the Kardashians it’s true”

“She def gonna have a baby by that man ASP [sic]”

“Ooh I’m here for this I think you’re right”

“I’m still convinced they were doing fertility treatments last year lol”

“It’s a stretch but it makes sense lol”

It’s a stretch all right! Get it?? Ha!

…And maybe it actually is!

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Remember, just a few weeks after Kravis got engaged back in October of last year, an insider spoke very frankly about the possibility of a future pregnancy for the pair. Claiming that the cute couple would “have a baby together without any doubt,” the insider seemed EXTREMELY confident that it was going to happen, saying at the time (below):

“It’s just a matter of when and how. Ideally, Kourtney would like a natural birth. She’s confident it won’t be a problem because she’s always been lucky to conceive naturally and has taken great care of herself physically. … Certainly though, she and Travis want to bring their own child into the picture, and if she can’t conceive, they’ll look at other alternatives.”

Well, well, well!

If that whole avocado-size-related 16-week theory (above) is actually correct… errr, just give us a second to do a little bit of calendar math here… that could mean the couple might have gotten pregnant without confirmation before they even officially got engaged?!

That would be wild! And sweet for sure!

What do U think about the potential for another Poosh baby bump, Perezcious readers?? Kourt and Travis would make great parents together — they’ve both been there and done that before, of course. But could it actually be happening??

Sound OFF with your thoughts on everything here down in the comments (below)!

[Image via Andres Otero/MEGA/WENN]

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