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Tom Sandoval Is Refusing To Leave The House & Told Ariana Madix He Only Dated Her Out Of ‘Convenience’ -- Kristen Doute Is STILL Spilling!

Kristen Doute SLAMS Tom Sandoval & Raquel Leviss In New Comments: 'Raquel Validates Everything That Tom Needs'

The Vanderpump Rules affair is still churning along on television sets and Twitter timelines all over the country. So it’s only natural that current (and former) Bravo cast members are still chiming in with opinions and info about the shocking cheating scandal!

This time around, it’s Kristen Doute from the top rope!! As you likely know, the former VPR star spoke up on ex-Bachelor Nation star Nick Viall‘s podcast on Thursday. It was an all-encompassing reality TV roundup with two famous and much-followed stars. And Nick gave Kristen the space to explain EVERYTHING that’s going on with Tom SandovalAriana Madix, and Raquel Leviss.

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From real estate issues, to phony apologies, to whether Tom Schwartz knew about his pal’s affair with Leviss long ago, here are all the highlights from Doute’s Thursday turn on The Viall Files

No Real Apology

For one, the 40-year-old claimed that the infamous confrontation Tom and Ariana had after the cheating scandal was first revealed — you know, the one VPR producers were able to film — was totally phony on Tom’s part.

She said:

“He was just gaslighting her. The was no genuine apology. He was saying how she never supports him, she doesn’t validate him. He was blaming her.”

Damn. We’ve heard similar statements before!!!

Doute, who has her own long-ago dating history with Sandoval, continued:

“Of course it made her mad, but then when I filmed with her, she’s like, crying and holding up her phone going, ‘so, he’s saying our relationship is that of convenience and contentment,’ or something. Not love and romance. And she’s immediately just flooding tears, looking at her phone going, ‘so, all of these memories, all of these wonderful trips we took, all of these videos I have, all these kissing photos, this was all bull s**t?'”


And she concluded:

“That’s Tom to a T.”

No Love For Raquel

Of course, we wouldn’t expect Kristen to say anything nice about Tom’s 28-year-old mistress. But Doute really slammed Leviss. And she came after the 40-year-old restaurateur, too!!

Telling Viall how Raquel makes Tom feel “cool” and “talented,” Kristen viciously went after both of them:

“[Raquel] is so f**king dumb. She’s just so dumb. She has no personality, and now in hindsight, I can see why Tom is, I guess, into her, or why they’re doing this. Ariana has a backbone, Raquel does not. Raquel validates everything that Tom needs to be validated: how cool he is, how talented he is, his stupid band and his sequin pants, and his nail polish and his dumb haircuts and… the mustache, for f**k’s sake! The pedophile mustache.”

Ha! The mustache thing is funny… and it’s kind of true…

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Regarding the man at the center of Scandoval, Doute added this remark:

“I think he’s a narcissist and he’s just very… self-centered.”

As for Leviss, Kristen pushed back hard on any angle that could possibly make her a victim in all this.

Remember, Raquel tried to play up that PR strategy immediately after the affair was unearthed. But it sounds like Doute and the rest of the cast are very much not into the victimhood angle:

“You can’t steal a man, OK? He made a free-willed choice to do what he did… I do place a little more blame on him. However, Raquel’s claiming to be Ariana’s ‘best friend.’ She let Raquel sleep in her home, stay there for a while… They had Thanksgiving together, swimming together, eating her food. Ariana’s being nothing but hospitable to you and this is how you return the favors? I think they’re both pretty equally to blame. I don’t think Raquel was ‘taken advantage of.’ She’s not 21.”

Real Estate Woes

There are some concerns here from a practical standpoint. Of course, Tom and Ariana share (or shared?) a house together. Nick picked up on that and asked Kristen what’s going on with the real estate right now:

“He owns the home, but is he leveraging that as, ‘well, it’s mine,’ and, ‘f**k you, I don’t care,’ and, ‘you can’t tell me to go?'”

Doute’s reply was shocking:

“That’s exactly what he’s doing. We tried having a mutual friend, one of Ariana’s college best friends, rather than someone too close to them [reach out to Tom]… saying, ‘listen, dude, you gotta at least give her a couple hours heads-up when you need to come home to pick things up. You need to let this rest for at least a few weeks. Allow her to grieve, allow her to heal.’ And of course, his response is, ‘it’s my f**king house. I own half of it. I will come and go as I please, and if she has a problem with it, she can leave.'”


Because of that, Kristen explained, Ariana is living in constant fear that she’s going to be bombarded without warning:

“[Ariana] won’t be home alone, because that’s what she’s most afraid of, being home alone and then having him waltz in.”

Jeez. Come on, Tom! That’s ridiculous — and heartless.

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But wait! There’s some good news coming — maybe. Lisa Vanderpump has apparently offered Madix the opportunity to live at Villa Rosa, according to Kristen:

“Ariana has said that Lisa has welcomed her with open arms. Like, ‘you can come bring your dog and your cat, you can come stay at Villa Rosa.’ Ariana’s like, ‘s**t. Do I just, do I do that? That sounds fabulous. Go to Beverly Park and enjoy myself?'”

Production Problems

Of course, VPR fans are wondering how all this continued fallout is going to play out on TV screens. We already know Bravo producers were able to film much of the initial aftermath on a moment’s notice. But now that the scandal has spread a bit, it’s clear Ariana needs to take some time away.

Kristen explained:

“She’s devastated. She’s humiliated. She was in Mexico over the weekend for a wedding and I haven’t seen her since, but I’ve talked to her and she was just like, ‘it was really nice to get away from everything.’ She’s not quite ready to come back to real life… She’s very nervous and afraid for the first time she’s going to have to sit alone with these thoughts and, like, truly deal with the reality of it all, post-filming. I told her, ‘I get it, but you don’t have to be right now. There’s no timeline. Don’t force yourself.'”

Interestingly, Kristen also claimed that Andy Cohen‘s network tried to push for a filming sesh between Ariana and Raquel, only for VPR production members to straight-up deny the request:

“The network asked production at one point in the last few weeks if Ariana would film with her and I know production really had her back and said, ‘we’re not even going to ask her that. Not happening.’ … They definitely haven’t spoken or seen each other. Ariana wants nothing to do with her right now.”


When Did Tom Tell Tom?

While not on the same level as his buddy Sandoval, Schwartz is catching a fair amount of strays right now as cast members and friends began to question when exactly the TomTom partner knew about his BFF’s affair.

Kristen explained what Schwartz told other friends about it:

“We’re being told by Schwartz… that Tom Sandoval told his mother in December, and then told Schwartz about a month ago. … He said that he was really pushing Tom to just be honest with Ariana off-camera. Obviously, it would have to get talked about anyway, on or off camera, but to not let this completely humiliate her and blow up in their face by coming out.”

But it sounds like she’s, um, really skeptical about that timeline (to say the least). She added:

“I believe that he feels that way, but Schwartz doesn’t act on anything. He’s a p***y. I love him to death, but, like, man the f**k up. This is your opportunity to man up, and this is your business partner and it is your best friend. I’m not saying you have to loathe him the way that we all do, but I’ll tell you right f**king now, if this was one of my girlfriends pulling this, we would be having serious conversations.”

Alleging Schwartz knew about the affair “longer than he’s copping to,” Doute concluded:

“Sandoval has to have validation. He cannot keep anything a secret, because he needs at least one person to validate and hear him bragging about it. And that person is Schwartz. … I’m thinking Schwartz probably didn’t know over the summer while they were filming. I’m guessing early fall, is what it sounds like. If I had to guess.”

Wouldn’t that be something…

Reunion Restraint?

Next Thursday, the VPR cast will get together to film the season 10 reunion. And won’t that be a s**t show!! It’ll (theoretically) put Ariana and Raquel in the same room at the same time — and presumably with Tom, too.

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But there’s a monkey wrench in it: that infamous restraining order Leviss filed against co-star Scheana Shay. Having Leviss on set to film is now very much in doubt because of the legal decree!

Kristen thinks that restraining order move was very much done on purpose. Calling the restraining docs “convenient” for Leviss, Doute said:

“How convenient that she gets this ridiculous, temporary restraining order against Scheana that is granted only until the hearing on March 29, right? But they have to film the reunion on March 23. How convenient that Raquel now does not have to sit under those hot lights and be in the hot seat. I don’t know what they’re going to do unless they move the reunion, which as far as I know, they haven’t planned on that. Scheana can’t even be on a Zoom with her, according to said temporary restraining order, so I just think it’s really f**king convenient and I think it’s Raquel’s way of getting out of it.”

That’s quite a read!!

As for Leviss’ television future, Kristen also thinks this is the end of the line for her on Vanderpump Rules. Not seeing how Raquel turns this tide around anytime soon with the rest of the angered cast, Doute concluded:

“I don’t see her coming back, because I think she’s gonna be terrified.”

F**k around, find out!

You can catch even more of Kristen’s comments on the Viall Files via the embed (below):

Wow. That’s a lot, y’all! There is PLENTY of meat on this drama bone.

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