Lars Von Trier Questioned By Police For Nazi Comments, Swears Off Public Speaking

Lars Von Trier Cannes Nazi Comments

Remember that guy who said he understood Adolf Hitler and sympathized with him? Lars Von Trier?

If not, let’s recap. During the Cannes Film Festival last May, director Lars Von Trier taught everyone a huge lesson in having a social filter.

You can watch what happened right here if you’d like to refresh your memory. If only for the priceless look on Kirsten Dunst‘s face…

Now, fast forward through a hundred apologies later, and we have him announcing his withdrawal from interviews and any sort of public speaking from this point onward.

Apparently he was questioned by Danish police, and that was all he needed to convince himself of what we’ve all known since the debacle — the man needs to shut the hell up!

It’s one thing to comment on public figures in a public forum, but to say such offensive things dealing with a time so scarred in the world’s history like the holocaust, well, that’s just not cute!

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Oct 5, 2011 5:40pm PDT