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Larsa Pippen & Marcus Jordan AREN'T Engaged Yet, But She IS Wearing His Ring! Huh??

Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan Set the Record Straight on Their Relationship Status

Turns out these two aren’t headed down the aisle just yet!

After sparking major engagement rumors, Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan are finally setting the record straight! During Tuesday’s episode of their podcast Separation Anxiety, the basketball star reflected on his latest headline-making chat with paparazzi, saying:

“First topic is ‘Marcus is looking for a wedding venue.’ Obviously, we were at dinner the other night, and paparazzi got us leaving the restaurant and asked us if there are wedding plans in the works. And I think I responded in a cheeky way. You know I told them we were looking for a location, and that it’s in the works.”

That’s exactly right! Kinda hard not to take that as an engagement confirmation, right?

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As we reported, a TMZ videographer caught up with the couple while they were leaving Jones in West Hollywood after enjoying a meal together last week. Scottie Pippen‘s ex-wife had a ring on that finger and the athlete cheekily said a wedding was “in the works.” So, it seemed like a proposal had happened!

But we guess he was just kidding? Um, OK. It wasn’t just media outlets who didn’t get his dry humor. Larsa recalled getting tons of happy messages from friends and having to awkwardly shut down the celebration:

“I had a hundred calls and text messages of people congratulating us. And I was like, ‘I’m so excited! But no, we’re not engaged.'”


Then why is she excited? Well, it turns out Marcus did give the Real Housewives of Miami star a ring, just not that kinda bling! She continued:

“But you did give me a promise ring.”


A promise ring is like the test-drive for an engagement ring, right? Like being engaged to be engaged? So a wedding in the near future isn’t out of the question!

And Michael Jordan’s son confirmed that when he added:

“It’s a tough question to answer. It’s something that we’ve been discussing a lot lately. Not necessarily putting a lot of emphasis or priority on where or when, but we’ve definitely been discussing locations and time of year. So you know, I felt like that was a good response.”

It helps that the duo has had some pretty specific conversations about what future nuptials might look like, Larsa revealed:

“I feel like the only thing we’ve really come up with is that we want a destination wedding.”


Before they tie the knot, we bet they want to make sure their families are fully onboard! As Perezcious readers know, MJ has been outspoken that he doesn’t approve of the relationship — not a shock considering the reality star’s ties to his Chicago Bulls teammate/rival. So, that makes this romance complicated AF! No need to rush anything! The lovebirds have only been officially together since January, after all.

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Whenever they decide to say “I do,” we’re sure it’ll be a very meaningful moment for both of them. It seems Larsa has really helped change the entrepreneur’s mind about spending forever with one person since he told E! News during a joint interview in June:

“I was always so focused on, one, playing basketball as a kid and then, two, starting my business that I treat Trophy Room as my baby. And so, I just never really had that mindset. But now that I’m 32 and starting to become more of an adult and on my two feet, I’m starting to entertain the idea of marriage and kids. And so, eventually, we’ll get there. We’ll have that conversation.”

Marriage and kids?? He’s in this for the long haul! Now we just have to wait patiently for the real proposal! Thoughts?! Let us know (below)!

[Image via Marcus Jordan/Instagram]

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