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Why Neither Megan Fox Nor Machine Gun Kelly Want ‘To Give The Other Up’ Despite ‘Trust Issues’!

Why Neither Megan Fox Nor Machine Gun Kelly Want ‘To Give The Other Up’ Despite ‘Trust Issues’!

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly aren’t over yet…

Perezcious readers know the twin flames appeared to be so in love with each other ever since they became an item in 2020. However, they hit a rough patch in their relationship three years later as they dealt with cheating rumors and a devastating miscarriage. While they have been trying to work to move past what happened over the past year, things are still rocky between them. In fact, Megan confirmed they called off their engagement on Call Her Daddy this week. As for where the pair stand now? Megan kept her lips sealed on “the status of the relationship” with MGK.

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We’re not totally in the dark about what’s going on, though. Sources have come forward to say they are not broken up. However, they are “living separately” at this time “to give each other some space while still being together.” Now, a source close to the couple shared some more insight with People into their romance — and things seemingly aren’t great between the actress and singer! They said:

“One day they’re up, the next they’re down. That intensity is still there nearly four years into their relationship, but that’s not necessarily ‘healthy.’ There are still a ton of trust issues between them and it’s very toxic.”

Yeesh. We have heard about the couple experiencing “trust issues” over the past year and that they went to therapy to work through it. Of course, it takes time to rebuild trust — especially if he did cheat on her. But the fact that they still have not overcome this problem a year later does not sound promising for their future together…

Neither of them is ready to throw in the towel yet, however. Why? The insider explained that Megan and MGK cannot “stay away” from each other despite knowing how unhealthy their relationship is:

“They can’t stay away from each other and there’s a lot of history there, but they also don’t know how to be in a healthy relationship. They’ll be totally fine, then days later get into a huge blowout fight and not talk for weeks, but then give in and be all lovey-dovey again.”

This sounds like a vicious cycle. Oof. The source continued:

“They never picked back up wedding plans or even got to a place where they could think about really getting married. It doesn’t seem like either wants to give the other up, even though they both know it’s not healthy.”

Big yikes! As we said, things do sound good between Megan and MGK right now. What are your thoughts on the relationship, Perezcious readers? Do you think they will eventually break up for good? Sound OFF in the comments below.

[Image via Entertainment Tonight/GQ/YouTube]

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