Mila Kunis Recounts Her Drama-Filled Movie Romance With Ashton Kutcher — Who Was Fresh Off His Divorce From Demi Moore!

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Mila Kunis may be the best podcast guest ever!

While promoting her new movie, Mila is spilling all in longform interviews, from stuff about her bad breakup with Macaulay Culkin to her beef with US!

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On Monday’s WTF with Marc Maron, the Spy Who Dumped Me star opened up about what it was like marrying “divorcée” Ashton Kutcher and what his relationship with Demi Moore was like from her perspective.

She said of the world-famous May-December marriage:

“They had, like, a normal, real relationship. They had three kids they were raising. It was, like, a normal life … Yeah, he was younger, but he loved those kids.”


According to Mila, Ashton even keeps in touch with former stepdaughters Rumer, Scout, and Tallulah Willis.

As strange as it was getting together with a man who had just been married with children, it was stranger getting together with an old friend.

The way Mila recounts their history, it was TOTALLY a romantic comedy plot! It even started with her checking out a hot guy she had no idea was her old costar and pal!

“I was looking around, and there was a really beautiful man from the back. I was literally like, ‘Oh, he’s kinda hot…’ And then he turned around, and I was like, ‘Oh, my God, it’s Kutch.’ I thought it was the weirdest thing that I was checking this guy out, and it was someone that I had known forever.”

Their next step was just as cliché. In fact, it wasn’t just any movie plot, it was the plot of movies they both had just been in!

“I did a movie called Friends With Benefits. He did a movie that was very similar: No Strings Attached. We lived our movies out, where we were like, ‘Let’s just hook up. Let’s have fun. We’re both single. We both trust each other. Everything’s great.’ None of us wanted tension. OK, great. We hooked up for three months. And just like our movies, one of us caught feelings.”

SPOILER ALERT: It was her!

How did she find out? She was careful and introspective and- NOPE! He told her he had been going on dates with someone else!

Suddenly things were not so casual for Mila:

“I felt like I got punched in the gut, literally overnight. He said something, and I was like… ‘Oh, my God. I love this man, and I have to walk away because this is not the agreement that we had. And so I’m going to speak up.'”

So she did and to her surprise, the NEXT DAY he asked her to move in.

And the rest is history.

Ch-ch-check out the entire revealing interview (below)!

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