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The World's Most Dangerous Animal Is...

So, out of all the species in the world…which one is most likely to kill everything???
While most would say that humans are the Most Dangerous Game AND the Most Dangerous Animal, it’s actually something that has wings.
Eagles! Wrong, it’s actually bats.
Although it is still unknown why, bats are susceptible to NUMEROUS viruses, including rabies, ebola, influenza, SARS, and many others.
We’re going to guess it’s because they eat TONS of insects.
Bats can transfer their diseases to other animals through bites and guano (poop!). But they aren’t alone in the walking (flying) biohazard department.
Rats and mice are long stereotyped as disease carriers, but waterfowl, livestocks, pets, and yes, humans carry their own set of illnesses.
So actually, it’s a trick statement….everyone is dangerous…..
It’s just that bats are fairly dangerous! LOLz!

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Dec 06, 2012 08:00am PDT