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Olivia Munn Opens Up About Her Excitement For Motherhood Amid John Mulaney Breakup Rumors!

olivia munn, john mulaney : talks about her excitement for motherhood amid mulaney breakup rumors

Are things still on track for John Mulaney and Olivia Munn?

Many fans were thrown by his abrupt breakup with wife Anna Marie Tendler, his quick new relationship with Olivia, and the surprising update that the new couple was expecting a child together. So it tracks that those same fans were all over the rumors that the pair had already split before their baby had even arrived.

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Though we’ve heard a lot of the comedian’s side of the story, Olivia’s been keeping mum on the subject. Instead, she seems to be (understandably) focusing on her impending motherhood. In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, the actress gushed about working with first-time director Justine Bateman, who helped her when she was “bogged down with so many emotions and feelings” on the set of their film Violet.

Asked about what she was “most excited” about her upcoming parenting journey, she replied:

“Justine and I had a long conversation about this the other day, honestly, I’m just excited about meeting whoever it is, and bringing a little person into this world.”

Sounds like the Family Ties alum — who has two kids of her own — is part of that super supportive “mom tribe” that the 41-year-old previously mentioned to Access.

BTW, ET also confirmed that all those breakup rumors swirling over the weekend are not true, and that the couple is in fact still together. However, that doesn’t mean things are smooth sailing between them. On Sunday, a source told Us Weekly:

“This has been an imperfect relationship from the start.”

According to this insider, the duo’s inner circle think they’ll “make great parents,” but that “nobody knows yet if they’re going to do that together or apart.” The source added:

“Even though Olivia’s going to be a wonderful mother and has great support behind her, Olivia’s friends just don’t see these two being a couple in a year’s time.”

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In fact, the SNL alum and his new lady “are a long way from deciding and locking in what their relationship is going to be going forward,” the source observed. They said:

“Olivia and John still have to decide what kind of future they’re going to have together, if any. It’s a time of uncertainty, for both of them.”

Well, at the very least they’ll have a future together as co-parents, right? Whatever they decide, we just hope it works out for the best for their little bundle of joy. Wishing them lots of luck in this new chapter!

[Image via Olivia Munn/Instagram & Joseph Marzullo/WENN]

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