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Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Are NOT 'Taking Time Apart'?? Insider Has Pointed Response To Bombshell Claim!

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Are NOT 'Taking Time Apart'?? Insider Has Pointed Response To Bombshell Claim!

Well, perhaps we can toss out the jaw-dropping claim made Tuesday about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle supposedly “taking time apart”?!

A new insider purportedly close to the world-famous couple is straight-up denying that earlier report with very, very pointed language! We’re getting whiplash from all this back-and-forth!

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As Perezcious readers will no doubt recall, on Tuesday, we reported key details coming from one insider who spoke to Radar Online about the ex-royals’ relationship. Per that source, Meghan and Harry’s love is said to supposedly be on the rocks following a string of bad biz deals including the embarrassing decline of Meghan’s Spotify podcast Archetypes.

Among the aspects of that Radar report that most caught our attention were claims Harry was headed to Africa alone to “find himself” while filming a documentary on the continent. One of the most shocking quotes made it seem like Harry and Meghan were entering into serious mismatch territory:

“They’re trying to figure out what hit them. Harry doesn’t fit in Meghan’s tacky Tinseltown world.”

Plus, while under serious pressure to maintain a high-price lifestyle without big-time money to fall back on in their massive mansion in Montecito, California, tensions are supposedly riding high:

“They are under tremendous financial pressure to fund their lavish California lifestyle, including their $14 million mansion and huge security costs. … That stress, coupled with their emotional issues, has likely made life a living hell.”

Yeah, definitely not great. But hold up for just a second! None of that may actually be true!!!

Late on Tuesday night, Page Six published info from “an insider close to the couple” about the ongoing speculation over their allegedly mounting issues. When asked specifically about the aforementioned Radar Online report, that source did not mince words in denying EVERYTHING.

Seriously, this is how the response came back when asked about those “time apart” claims and related rumors:

“It’s not true. It’s literally made up.”

Well that’s a pretty explicit denial!!

So if the initial report is bull s**t, then, is everything rosy for Meghan and Harry??

Somehow, we kind of doubt that?! At least from a career perspective. They’ve had a rough run of luck lately with Spotify issues, purported Netflix probs, Harry’s infamously shocking memoir, their alleged high-speed NYC car chase, and much more

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But denials aside, there might be one thing from that initial Tuesday morning report worth watching. As you may recall from our earlier coverage, Radar Online quoted royal expert Daniela Elser about how Meghan had reportedly hired “a new super-agent” and was going to go all-in on getting back into the entertainment world.

Elser said this (below) — and unlike any “insider” sources involved, she put her name on it:

“[Meghan] is looking to establish her own brand and make millions. For the first time, they are truly on divergent professional paths.”

So it would seem Meghan is pushing hard for a Hollywood return. But as far as what it means for her relationship with Harry?? Well, nobody can apparently agree on that.

Thoughts, Perezcious readers??

[Image via MEGA/WENN]

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