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Ruby Franke's Sister 'Disgusted' By Child Abuse Charges & Insists She Knew Nothing Due To Strained Relationship!

Ruby Franke's Sibling Records Video About Fraught Relationship, Her Suspicions

Disgraced mommy blogger Ruby Franke‘s sister wants nothing to do with her right now!

Bonnie Hoellein, who is also a popular YouTube star with over a million subscribers, released a new video on Wednesday slamming her sister’s “crimes” and revealing how “disgusted” she is by the allegations. In hopes of removing herself from the icky narrative, Bonnie — who was often teary-eyed and choked up throughout the video — declared:

“I am not my sister. I am not my sister’s mistakes.”

She went on to insist she “did not know” about the 41-year-old’s alleged abusive behavior, claiming her sister and her husband Kevin Franke became estranged from the family a long time ago. She explained:

“We did not know what they were doing. We were cut off. We did not have access to anyone.”

Their other sisters, Ellie Mecham and Julie Griffiths Deru (also family vloggers), have similarly distanced themselves from the embattled 8 Passengers creator since the arrest last month, alongside other family members who are in full support of the alleged victims. But how could they all not have known something was wrong?? Bonnie has an answer for that, too!

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She claimed Ruby and Kevin cut themselves off from the family three years ago when they started spending more time with Jodi Hildebrandt (who would become Ruby’s business partner for their parenting company ConneXions and social media page Moms of Truth). Slamming the controversial advice the ladies would often dish out, Bonnie noted:

“It was all bullcrap. It was complete indoctrination of this thing that they created. I don’t agree with how extreme they are on everything. I knew that they were weird. I knew that they were off.”

But, ultimately, she and her other sisters “kept quiet” about their feelings about ConneXions because they didn’t think it would be useful to complain about not liking their sister. And they allegedly had no clue about the abuse… yet.

It wasn’t until about a year ago Bonnie started to believe there was something more sinister going on behind the scenes. At the time, the couple’s eldest daughter Shari Franke — who distanced herself from her fam because of her momma’s harsh parenting style — reconnected with her estranged family members. Bonnie recalled:

“It was then that we were learning slowly, bits and pieces, of more, and that’s where the part of behind the scenes we did everything that we could. We did everything legally that we could do.”

She did not address how they specifically tried to help, though. And, obviously, whatever they did wasn’t enough to get the children out of the house. Bonnie now blames their father for not helping them sooner, complaining:

“There’s only one person that could have helped and he didn’t. What he was doing all that time when him and Ruby were separated is beyond me.”


Hear everything the upset sister had to say (below)!

At this time, Ruby and Jodi have not entered pleas. They are both facing six felony child abuse charges and are expected in court again on September 21. It’s all been a lot for everyone involved, but the wheels of justice are turning now — however this may end up.

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If you have sincere cause to suspect child abuse, call the Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline at 1-800-4-A-Child or 1-800-422-4453, or go to

[Image via Bonnie Hoellein/YouTube & Moms of Truth/Instagram]

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