Ryan Seacrest Refusing To Hand Over Kardashian Emails In Blac Chyna Lawsuit

UPDATE 1:25 P.M. PST: A judge has officially ruled Ryan Seacrest CAN be deposed in Blac Chyna‘s case against the Kardashians, according to TMZ.

Apparently, it’s believed the E! producer would have “superior and unique” knowledge about why Rob & Chyna was canceled.


Luckily for him, the filmed deposition will be limited to just three hours during one single day, with the court working around Seacrest’s schedule. We wonder how much he can spill….


Blac Chyna isn’t letting this go, and Ryan Seacrest isn’t giving up without a fight!!

The model is sticking to her ground and demanding that the E! News host release his personal email communications with Kim Kardashian WestKhloe KardashianKris Jenner, and Kylie Jenner in her lawsuit over the cancelation of Rob & Chyna, but he’s not going for it!

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Per The Blast‘s findings, in his objection to her motion, Ryan says that Chyna doesn’t even know what she’s talking about, aside from:

“(1) a single tweet in which Mr. Seacrest merely referenced the existence of the subject television show and (2) irrelevant text messages from Mr. Seacrest in which he checked in on the health of Defendant Robert Kardashian (“Robert”) in connection with events that are not even at issue in this case.”

The American Idol host is requesting that the court sanction Chyna $2,460 for the legal back-and-forth, and that her request that he is deposed should be dropped, while Chyna still wants to grill him about the cancelation of her three-month stint on reality TV.

In addition to emails, the momma of two is also interested in documents about the renewal of the show and meetings he had with the family about canceling it.

As we previously reported, the Chymoji founder originally sued the whole KarJenner family, including Kendall Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian, but has since narrowed it down to those mentioned above.

The mother-of-two has also taken a specific interest in the “origins of Life Of Kylie,” which premiered six months after Rob & Chyna was booted off the air…think she’s still bitter about Ky and Tyga getting together?

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Meanwhile, this isn’t the only legal battle that Dream’s momma has herself in. She and the youngest Kardashian were reportedly served papers in a cyberbullying suit, filed by her ex Pilot Jones. The former Glee actor — AKA Justin C. Jones — claimed that after a photo was leaked of him making out with the model, Dream’s parents accused him of selling the snaps.

She asserted after the photos were leaked that he was the one trying to extort her, posting his phone number and email address online. SO messy!

Maybe Ryan just knew those two wouldn’t last and that’s why the plug got pulled…LOLz!!

[Image via Blac Chyna/Instagram & Regina Wagner/Future Image/WENN.]

Mar 6, 2019 4:22pm PDT