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Sister Wives' Kody Brown Claims Christine 'S**t Talked' Janelle & Meri For 'Years' Before Split -- Saying He Was 'Sleeping With The Enemy'!

Sister Wives’ Kody Brown Claims Christine ‘S**t Talked’ Janelle & Meri For ‘Years’ Before Split – Saying He Was ‘Sleeping With The Enemy’!

Oh, damn. ALL the tea is about to be spilled!

S**t’s been hitting the fan for Sister Wives star Kody Brown and his marriages this year — but apparently, the drama has been brewing behind the scenes for YEARS! In a sneak peek at part two of the Sister Wives: One-on-One special (which was shared with Us Weekly on Wednesday), Kody opened about the feuds in the family. Buckle up because there is a lot of drama to unpack!

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Kody, who is seemingly blaming his deteriorating family on Christine Brown, first blamed her for speaking poorly about his partners while they were still married, saying:

“Christine s**t talked Janelle [Brown] and Meri [Brown] for two years to me. This is why I was getting frustrated.”

According to him, she’d go so far as to say he was “sleeping with the enemy,” he continued:

“I’d talk about reconciling with Meri and Christine loses it.”

Sounds like classic jealousy to us!

As a refresher, Kody first married Meri in 1990. Three years later, he spiritually wed Janelle, and then Christine joined the fam in 1994. Then came Robyn Brown. In 2014, Kody and Meri divorced (but stayed in a spiritual union until this year) so he could marry Robyn and adopt her kids. Shortly after, Christine announced her breakup with the patriarch in 2021 and Janelle followed in December, claiming they’d been over for several months.

It’s been a whole thing — and it certainly doesn’t help that many of the women were constantly fighting! Kody elaborated on Christine’s issues with Janelle, saying in the clip:

“I’m going, ‘I understand that Janelle has certain nuances or quirks… but I love her and I’m still in this relationship with her.’ And you’re telling me that she mistreated you.”

When host Sukanya Krishnan then asked Brown whether he believed Christine was threatened by Janelle, he replied:

“Not now!”

He went on to claim the two women are close friends these days, despite Christine’s years of venting to him. Clearly annoyed by this, he added:

“I spent two years listening to it. It’s like, listen, you get to a point where you start realizing who you can trust and what you can say. And what you can’t say.”

But when asked who he does trust, he insisted it was “obvious” but then got “piss[ed] off” when pushed to reveal the answer. Yikes!

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Christine, on the other hand, seems to be telling a very different story. Elsewhere in the sneak preview, the 50-year-old clapped back at claims she had mistreated the other women, in this case, Robyn, saying:

“I wasn’t mean. I wasn’t mean to anybody. I didn’t know that I had been shunning Robyn like Meri said I was doing. I didn’t know I had been doing those things.”

During season 17, after the Cooking with Just Christine star announced she was leaving Kody and moving to Utah, she told Robyn she had no plans on working on their friendship in the future — which obviously caused controversy! But now she claims she wasn’t shunning her, adding:

“I didn’t try to do anything like that. Maybe just not by letting her in as much as she wanted. That was really difficult. It seems like that was the trigger [that blew up our dynamic].”

Ch-ch-check out what’s to come on Sunday night’s new episode HERE. So much trouble for this family lately! Reactions, Perezcious readers? Do you think any of these relationships can be salvaged?? Sound OFF (below)!

[Image via TLC/YouTube]

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