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Dakota Johnson & Justin Timberlake Enjoy Reunion For The Social Network In Joint SNL Appearance!

Dakota Johnson & Justin Timberlake Enjoy Reunion For The Social Network In Joint SNL Appearance!

Dakota Johnson hosted Saturday Night Live for the second time this weekend, and during her run on the helm of the popular sketch show, she had quite the reunion!

Of course, the musical guest for this Saturday’s episode was Justin Timberlake. And as you might recall, way back when, Timberlake and Johnson worked together on a movie about Facebook called… The Social Network! Remember that one?! Great flick!

Well, JT played real-life Napster founder Sean Parker in that movie, and memorably told the tale of how the controversial music tech whiz joined up with Facebook. Johnson had a much smaller role in it, but it was memorable nonetheless. She was on scene as a young Stanford University student who sleeps with Parker — and infamously was the first person who introduced him to Facebook.

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The movie was Johnson’s first-ever adult on-screen role back in 2010. And when she mentioned it during her opening monologue last night on SNL, Timberlake popped up on stage next to her and got thunderous applause! When she saw him on stage, Johnson quipped:

“What are you doing up here, are you lost?”

Timberlake explained that he had heard his name and figured that was his cue. LOLz! The pair then had some back-and-forth before Johnson said:

“Anyway, I’m so happy you chose my show for your comeback.”

After JT gave off a confused look, Dakota said she “meant that in a good way.” With the crowd laughing, the former boy band singer said:

“OK, I see what this is. This is where we make a joke like, ‘first he was bringing sexy back, and now he’s bringing coming back.'”

And that wasn’t all!! To the delight of the audience, as Dakota and Justin were talking, another surprise guest showed up: Jimmy Fallon! Dressed as Barry Gibb from the iconic ’70s band The Bee Gees, Fallon wandered on stage and looked at Justin, asking if they were “doing it,” implying some wacky proposed sketch. Timberlake made a “cut” signal to Jimmy behind Dakota’s back, though, and so Fallon-as-Gibb improvised:

“I’m here to say, ‘break a leg.'”

Jimmy then grabbed Justin and ran off stage, joking “these are my normal clothes” as the pair departed! Ha!!

Ch-ch-check out the entire thing plus a million other SNL highlights from last night’s episode (below):

And like we said, here are even more SNL skits that Johnson took part in during her run as the show’s host on this wild and wacky weekend:

And then there was Justin! As we all know, Justin is prepping for a major world tour right now and is also dropping new music for fans who have been waiting a while for that comeback.

So, he did his thing with the songs during his time as the show’s musical guest for the week:

So there you have it! What’d U think, Perezcious readers?! Sound OFF about everything you saw last night and what you think about it with your takes down in the comments (below)!

[Image via Saturday Night Live/YouTube]

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