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Tiffany Haddish Speaks Out About Her DUI Arrest!

tiffany haddish : addresses recent DUI arrest on tonight show

Tiffany Haddish is an open book — even about her recent run-in with the law.

As we previously reported, Tiffany was recently arrested in Georgia and charged with a DUI. The arrest occurred in the early hours of the morning after someone made a 911 call about a driver falling asleep at the wheel. The comedian, who was in town to film her new movie The Haunted Mansion, was booked on suspicion of driving under the influence of marijuana.

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During her appearance on The Tonight Show on Monday, host Jimmy Fallon gave the Girls Trip star the opportunity to discuss the arrest. In true Tiffany fashion, she responded with humor:

“I can say this, Jimmy… I’ve been praying to God to send me a new man, a good man. God went ahead and sent me four in a uniform. I wasn’t expecting it. I was not expecting that at all.”

Not exactly the best look to make light of this, as she could have hurt someone…

She added:

“Now, I’ve got a really great lawyer, and we’re going to work it out. I’ve got to get my asking of things to God a little better.”

As you may know, the 42-year-old recently broke up with Common after dating for a year. On top of that, she’s also been dealing with a lot of loss in her personal life after the deaths of her grandmother, close friends Bob Saget and Carl Craig, as well as her dog.

Tiffany touched on those losses on the Tonight Show, sharing:

“Bob Saget was like a big mentor to me, a big brother, a father figure. He meant a lot to me. … Funny man. He was the first white man to ever tell me, ‘Just be yourself, just be who you are, Tiffany. Don’t worry about nothing, just be you,’ And that was huge for me.”

Speaking on her grandmother, who raised her, she reflected:

“And then my grandma passed away and she saved my life, that’s my heart, she was like my soulmate. So that’s been really hard to process all this, you know. Grief.”

When Jimmy suggested that she could “hopefully make something out of” these difficult experiences, the actress agreed:

“Oh, I’m definitely making something out of it. My next special is gonna be about grief. It’s gonna be hilarious. Figuring out how to process it.”

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She continued:

“Kids get to cry whenever they want to, wherever they want to. As an adult you can’t do that. You can’t just cry at work like that, they send you home! I need my money!”

Ch-ch-check out the full interview (below):

[Image via NBC/YouTube]

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