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Uh-Oh! Is Timothée Chalamet Already Getting Tired Of Kylie Jenner & The Kardashian Khaos?!

Uh-Oh! Is Timothée Chalamet Already Getting Tired Of Kylie Jenner & The Kardashian Khaos?!

Could Timothée Chalamet be looking for an escape hatch on his relationship with Kylie Jenner?!

The Call Me By Your Name star has of course been dating the Kylie Skin mogul for months now. And despite the pair being pretty much the most unexpected coupling-up EVER, they’ve withstood the test of time! So far! But sadly, according to one expert, that may not last unless each party is willing to make some SERIOUS compromises to keep their love alive!

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On Friday, The US Sun consulted body language expert Judi James about the couple. Judi has been doing the body language thing for more than a decade, so she had no trouble reading the pair. And what she had to say was… interesting, to say the least!

For one, James is worried that the Wonka actor is already getting to be fed up with what she terms the “Kardashian circus.” The expert counseled this about the couple’s public sightings in general:

“Timothée’s body language with Kylie looks like a man who’s hopped onto a speeding roundabout mid-ride. The Kardashian circus doesn’t seem like a match for his normal lifestyle or personal brand.”

Uh-oh! That doesn’t sound good. If they aren’t a match in lifestyle like that, it only makes staying together for the marathon of life even more difficult…

Judi continued from there, explaining how Kylie’s press training (thanks, momager Kris Jenner!) shines through easily while Timothée appears to struggle with the public nature of her world:

“Kylie’s body language is more confident, grown-up, and sophisticated than Timothée’s boyish charm. Her gestures make her look dominant in this relationship while he looks like he’s going along for the ride, but still uncomfortable about all the reality-style feel of some of the PDAs. Kylie is skilled at the art of the press statement, where a Kardashian will ‘announce’ a relationship non-verbally, but Timothée looks less experienced and less comfortable but more authentic.”


And Judi brought receipts! This isn’t just her general opinions on stuff!! Take the US Open, for example. Back in early September, Kendall Jenner‘s little sis showed out at the tennis tourney with the A-list movie star. In case you forgot about their sunglasses-clad interactions at the time, re-visit the outing with a quick vid (below):

Memory refreshed, right?! Well, Judi took a look at that same video, as well as a bunch of pics from the tennis outing, and she signaled concern over how much “control” Kylie is apparently taking in her PDA moves and hand gestures with her man:

“Kylie’s gestures and PDAs here look emphatic and romantic. She also appears to take control, placing an arm around his shoulders and tilting her head toward his head to suggest romance. Her ring finger is even splayed and on display here as though dropping hints about future commitment. Timothée’s responses are less decisive. He places his fingers lightly on her neck in a non-sexual touch.”

Judi also suggested that Kim Kardashian‘s half-sis used the tennis time to try and teach Timothée the ropes about how to show love and signal affection in public with cameras pointed in their direction:

“When Kylie uses face-to-face eye contact here she holds his chin to clamp his head in place as though teaching him the choreography of the celebrity PDA. She throws a wide, affectionate, pinging smile at him as though trying to get him to mirror her. When they sit watching the match she places her hand on those fingers at her neck in an endorsement gesture that would signal to him that she appreciates his touch, and she stretches an arm out over his lap in a gesture of ownership.”

Very intriguing… sounds like Kylie is the girlfriend AND the relationship coach. LOLz!

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That wasn’t the only event Judi cited via her analysis, though. Also in early September, the A-list duo popped up at a Beyoncé concert in Los Angeles. As you will no doubt recall, they were all over each other while the singer did her thing on stage. Remember it (below):

Yuuuup! And in fact, Timothée recalled earlier this week how hard it was to concentrate at the show with Kylie in his arms! But Judi ain’t buying it!! Calling their sultry interaction “almost like a choreographed, statement PDA moment,” she explained:

“In what looked almost like a choreographed, statement PDA moment, Kylie leaned on the rail showing off her stunning bareback, and wound her arms around Timothée’s neck to plant a super-romantic kiss. Timothée looked distracted and wary here, though. Instead of losing himself in the kiss and closing his eyes to intensify the emotional and physical pleasure, he is seen looking away over her shoulder as though made uncomfortable by the cameras catching the moment.”

And she went on:

“He pressed his lips against hers but this was a tense-looking distracted kiss. Even when they were chatting and laughing together his eyes still seem to seek out the cameras as though he’s wary of them, which would be in total contrast to Kylie, who grew up with them in her home.”


So is there any hope here? Could these two still be a thing long-term?! Or will the so-called “Kardashian circus” claim Timothée and push him away from Kylie and her famous fam?! Concluding her analysis of the pair’s public posturing, Judi explained that things could work out — if major compromises are made on both sides:

“Opposites do attract and Kylie and Timothee do seem to share some genuine affection but their styles of expression and behavior appear almost totally different. Kylie’s more powerful body language signals might actually be complimentary to Timothee’s personality if he likes to be led and if he enjoys the idea of a more Kardashian lifestyle. If not they might need to do some heavy compromising if this relationship is going to last and thrive.”

So there you have it! Thoughts, Perezcious readers?? Is the body language expert right about this one, or is she WAY off base with her take?? Share your opinions down in the comments (below)…

[Image via The Ellen Show/YouTube/GQ/YouTube]

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