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Julie Chrisley Going To DIVORCE Todd For Landing Her In Prison?! Their Lawyer Says...

Todd & Julie Chrisley Are More In Love Than Ever While Separated In Prison -- Despite Divorce Claims!

Todd Chrisley has a decade behind bars to think about what he’s done. But is one more consequence coming for his fraud?

On Tuesday morning, published a report citing insiders who claimed Julie Chrisley is seriously considering divorcing Todd. It was his criminal dealings that led them to long federal prison sentences, the report went, and Julie is supposedly fed up with the fact that she’s rotting away behind bars because of Todd’s shady maneuvering.

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The Daily Mail quote from Tuesday is pretty damning, with that outlet relaying info from an insider who claims the 50-year-old Chrisley Knows Best alum is re-evaluating her marriage:

“Julie’s friends are certain that she will eventually divorce Todd for convincing her to go along with his foolproof plan that landed them in prison.”

But that ain’t gonna happen!! Not according to the couple’s lawyer, at least, who is pushing back HARD on that report! He claims divorce is the last thing on either of their minds!

Attorney Jay Surgent told TMZ on Wednesday that the Chrisleys are NOT going to file divorce papers. Yes, Todd was sentenced to 12 years behind bars on bank fraud and tax evasion charges — a sentence that was later reduced to ten years. And yes, Julie got a seven-year sentence for the same charges, which was then reduced to six years. But despite having a long time to wait things out in their respective federal prison sites far from each other, the embattled reality TV couple is apparently in it for the long haul.

Per Surgent, the couple is supposedly more in love than EVER as they endure this legally-enforced separation. Julie specifically feels strongly about the couple’s marriage even as she spends her days in a Kentucky prison far from Todd, Surgent claims. And the lawyer adds that the long-standing pair has two things going for them despite their long-distance lockup: their mutual belief in God, and their continued hope that their appeals will prevail and the justice system will do “the right thing.”

Obviously, it remains to be seen how those appeals may play out. We know Savannah Chrisley is very hopeful they will turn in her fam’s favor. Legal experts we’ve seen aren’t so optimistic. We have to wonder whether the Chrisleys’ attorney is looking at the divorce claims with rose-colored glasses, too — because it’s how he keeps his job??

Do YOU think these two will stick it out even through incarceration?? Sound OFF with your thoughts down in the comments (below)…

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