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Why Podcaster Thinks Tom Sandoval & Raquel Leviss Started Affair In 2019!

Why Podcaster Thinks Tom Sandoval & Raquel Leviss Started Affair In 2019!

Has Scandoval been going on for YEARS right before our very eyes?!

We all know Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss have been very shady about the timeline of their affair. During the bombshell Vanderpump Rules season 10 reunion, the 28-year-old actually admitted lying about certain aspects of the tryst to protect Ariana Madix‘s feelings — which obviously didn’t work! Because of this, nobody’s totally sure when this scandal started. Was August 2022 really the first time they hooked up? Or could this have been going on for a lot longer??

With a new take on the scandal, podcaster Tracie Morrissey joined Thursday’s episode of Page Six‘s podcast Virtual Reali-Tea to break down exactly why she believes the pair first cheated in… 2019!!

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The Pot Psychology host turned everyone’s attention to season 8, episode 9, an episode that includes a scene of Raquel folding napkins with her former SUR co-workers, Dayna Kathan and Danica Dow, in the summer of ’19. The former pageant queen had just gone out the night prior with her girlfriends and revealed she got so drunk that when she left, she went straight home, dropped her purse on the counter, and headed to bed.

This, of course, made her boyfriend at the time, James Kennedy, very upset. She recalled waking up to “rage texts” which included name-calling like “s***” and “w****.” But while she was explaining this all, Bravo flashed back to a scene of the night in question, Tracie revealed:

“They showed this really fast montage of Raquel being wasted, like, dancing and out with people. And it’s just such a quick flash, but if you pause it, you’ll see that it’s actually Tom Sandoval [taking the] selfie video. You see half of his face, and it’s 100 percent him. It’s very obvious it’s him. And she’s leaning on him and stuff.”

A few episodes later, the gang celebrated Ariana’s birthday when James and Raquel are overheard hashing out the drunken night again, she continued:

“And James is talking to Raquel about the [‘rage text’] incident, and he mentions — and she almost talks over him when he does it — he’s like, ‘But you don’t turn your phone off. You shouldn’t turn your phone off.'”

Tracie pointed out:

“So her phone was turned off. It wasn’t on the kitchen counter in her purse; it was turned off.”

Why would she turn it off, you ask? The only reason we can think of is that she didn’t want anyone to see where she was!

The podcaster then pointed out she felt Raquel’s original explanation to her fellow employees “sounded a little too rehearsed” and “very deliberate.” She thinks the reality star made up a story to cover up her tracks, just like she owned up to doing this time around. Also, there’s a bit of other evidence on Instagram. Two weeks after this incident, Morrissey noticed Raquel began to use the lightning bolt emoji — and that simple little icon has come to be a symbol of her love for the Schwartz & Sandy’s co-owner. Inneresting

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The eagle-eyed Pump Rules fan also pointed to the season 9 reunion because of the Tom Sandoval & The Most Extras frontman’s sketchy reaction to Raquel calling off her engagement to James (which Tom actually spent thousands of dollars on helping his friend plan). She noted:

“They actually panned to Sandoval, and he’s just scared. And then he just starts laughing, like, really giddy. … And [his castmates] were like, ‘Why are you laughing about this?’ And he was like, ‘I don’t know, I’m just thinking about the engagement.’”

When watching back, Tracie said it felt like Sandoval was “trying to play it off” but she thinks he “couldn’t contain” how “happy” he was that his secret lover was single. Damn. So twisted to be so happy about the breakup knowing he had no intention of splitting off his long-term relationship before diving head-first into the affair.

As for this year’s reunion, Tracie suggested she thinks there’s a “nugget of truth” to the notion Tom and Raquel had a one-night stand in August 2022 and didn’t have sex for a while after, as they both insisted. She just thinks the one-night stand may have happened years ago! She speculated:

“I think there’s like a nugget of truth there where it did happen once and then it didn’t happen again for a long time.”

This is definitely a compelling theory! We think it’s time for a VPR rewatch to check out this hot take! Do U think the affair could’ve been going on since 2019?! Sound OFF (below)!

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