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Travis Kelce FINALLY Weighs In On Teammate Harrison Butker's Controversial Commencement Speech, And...

Travis Kelce FINALLY Weighs In On Teammate Harrison Butker's Controversial Commencement Speech, And...

Travis Kelce is speaking out about THAT commencement speech delivered by his Kansas City Chiefs teammate Harrison Butker!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know all about Butker taking the stage at Benedictine College‘s graduation ceremony on May 11 and slamming women who work outside the home, Pride Month, LGBT issues, and more during his commencement speech. The speech led to widespread social media outrage, but for a while, Killa Trav didn’t comment on it… until now!!

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On Friday’s new episode of Travis’ podcast New Heights, which he hosts alongside his brother Jason KelceTaylor Swift‘s boyfriend finally spoke about his teammate’s troubling speech. Travis said that he disagreed with “the majority” of Harrison’s speech, for one. But he didn’t want to blow the kicker up TOO badly! The tight end called his embattled 28-year-old teammate a “great person” who is entitled to his views. However, Travis was clear to note that he didn’t agree with “just about any of it besides him loving his family and his kids.”

Just like he always does, Travis flipped the controversy into something positive. Rather than focusing on Butker, he spent time talking about his mom Donna and his dad Ed. Calling them both “homemakers” and “providers,” Travis explained:

“They were unbelievable at being present every single day of my life. That was a beautiful upbringing for me. … I’m not the same person without both of them being who they were in my life.”

And he added:

“I’m just gonna go back to my beliefs and my family. My views are never gonna be the same as the man next to me. You put your differences inside for one goal in common, and that’s the beauty of team sports.”

Well said. And very smooth! This man has had some good PR training! LOLz!

As for co-host Jason, he had a lot to say — given he’s the father of three daughters! Speaking in that capacity, he explained what he would do if his girls “had to sit there and listen to somebody tell them after they just earned a degree, that they should just align to be homemakers”:

“I would say, if my daughters listen to anybody tell them what to do, that they should be homemakers, then I’ve failed as a dad. I don’t care who’s talking to them. If you let somebody up on a stage tell you that you can’t do that, and then you’re like, ‘Oh, f**k, I guess I won’t go be a Fortune 500 CEO,’ like, you weren’t going to make it.”

He added how he would just brush off when someone says something like that to him:

“If you don’t like what somebody says, all you’ve got to do is say, oh, that guy is a f**king idiot, and then you move on.”

But thankfully he recognizes it’s easier in a lot of ways for him, so he gets the frustration with this particular speech:

“I mean, I get what the fuss is about because I know that certain of these groups have been, persecuted against for a long period in this country, and women in particular.”

But the elder Kelce did get one off-color joke in. Jason recalled how his wife Kylie Kelce was “frustrated” with Harrison’s commencement comments. But when Kylie came to Jason about it, he jokingly told her to “go back in the kitchen and make me a sandwich” while he watched a game. Oh noooo! Travis began laughing and playfully admonished his bro:

“We were doing so good. We were killing it. … You’re ridiculous!”


Watch the podcast (below):

[Image via New Heights/Benedictine College/YouTube]

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