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Patrick Mahomes Says HE'S The One Who Really Hooked Up Travis Kelce & Taylor Swift By Making THIS Wise Move!

Patrick Mahomes was a matchmaker for Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce

Gotta give credit where credit is due… because in this case, Patrick Mahomes says it’s all about him!!

OK, so the Kansas City Chiefs‘ star quarterback didn’t quite go that far, but he did say that he deserves a little bit of a fist bump for playing a critical role in linking his teammate Travis Kelce with music superstar Taylor Swift! And judging by this story he just told on the Pat McAfee Show on Thursday, we can kinda see where Mahomes is coming from!

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During his chat with show host Pat McAfee, the star quarterback and Super Bowl champion explained how HE was the one who first invited Travis to see Taylor perform in concert! As you’ll no doubt recall, the New Heights podcaster went to Swift’s infamous Eras Tour stop in Kansas City, Missouri back in July of last year. Kelce brought along a friendship bracelet with his phone number on it, as well as the high hopes of being able to give it directly to Taylor. That all worked out, of course, and the duo has been together ever since! And it was all because of Brittany Mahomes‘ husband!

Pat explained that it was his suite at the July 2023 concert in which Travis sat, and it was his invite that the tight end scored to show up in the first place:

“I was the one who invited Travis to his first Taylor concert. He was sitting in my suite, so I feel like I was the matchmaker.”

And that wasn’t all, either!! Patrick went on to explain that he even “had some input” in encouraging Kelce to give his phone number friendship bracelet to the superstar singer! Mahomes recalled how the conversation about that went down, too:

“I was like, ‘dude, just go for it. Go for it.’ You know Travis, man. He does it, and he’s a great dude, and I’m glad it’s all worked out for the best.”

Love it!

But is that entirely true? Well, actually… maybe! Here’s the thing: back in September of last year, news broke that Mahomes was worried that he might not ever meet Taylor in person. That’s a head scratcher, right? Obviously, it’s hard to play “matchmaker” as Pat called himself, if you don’t meet half the couple you’re matching! Right?! But now that we’ve heard Mahomes’ story and we fully understand the context of his “matchmaker” claim — just as far as being the guy with the suite at the concert — that makes a WHOLE lot more sense! We get it!

What can we say?! Mahomes is a great quarterback. He’s a master at calling the shots and setting his teammates up to score — pun VERY much intended in this instance! LOLz! Reactions, y’all?? Share ’em in the comments (below)!

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