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Ex Try Guy Ned Fulmer's Newly Resurfaced Thoughts On 'Cheating' Come Back To Haunt Him! OMG!

Ex Try Guy Ned Fulmer’s Resurfaced Thoughts On ‘Cheating’ Come Back To Haunt Him! OMG!

Ned Fulmer really said this!!

Fans have been taking a look back at some of the embattled former Try Guys member’s comments about cheating ever since he was axed from the YouTube group for having an affair with a co-worker despite his long-standing marriage to Ariel Fulmer. And let’s just say his comments are NOT holding up well!

We’ve already seen an old video in which the content creator admitted he once got a little too cozy with another woman on a night out in Chicago several years ago, which seemed SUPER sketchy looking back. But now his relationship dealbreaker really makes him look like a hypocrite!

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Back in 2017, Ned and his former co-worker Zach Kornfeld sat for an interview with Cosmopolitan. Ned, who had been married to Ariel for five years at the time, was asked what his “number one relationship dealbreaker” was – and we kid you not, he said:


Guess he wasn’t so against it when he was the cheater! SMH.

Interestingly, when asked what he would do if Ariel ever cheated on him, the 35-year-old candidly shared:

“Oh no, that hurts to even think about. We couldn’t stay together. I’d move to Canada.”


He wouldn’t even try to make it work?? Ariel looks like a saint for sticking around now! You can check out Ned’s full interview — where he reveals a ton more about his relationship — HERE!

As we’ve been following, after confirming the affair allegations, Ned and Ariel were spotted together multiple times on Wednesday. Speaking to photographers on the way to pick up their kids, Wesley, 4, and Finley, 23 months, Ariel gave an update on their relationship status, saying:

“We’re working on working things out.”

A bit of an ominous response! Working on getting a divorce or sticking it out, we wonder? The fact they were both still wearing their wedding rings seems to suggest they are trying to stay a united front for the sake of their family. Only time will tell, though.

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FWIW, when Ned admitted to having a “consensual workplace relationship” — allegedly with Try Guys producer Alex Herring, who was engaged — he apologized for the hurt he caused to his loved ones, saying:

“Family should have always been my priority, but I lost focus and had a consensual workplace relationship. I’m sorry for any pain that my action may have caused to the guys and the fans but most of all to Ariel.”

Ariel also released a statement, insisting she was going to be focusing on her kids in this tumultuous time:

“Nothing is more important to me and Ned than our family, and all we request right now is that you respect our privacy for the sake of our kids.”

So, it certainly seems like they are going to try to stay together despite the drama, but who knows, maybe this resurfaced interview will have the scorned woman contemplating a move to Canada. LOLz! Reactions??

[Image via Ned Fulmer/Instagram]

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