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Tyler Cameron Has THOUGHTS About Hannah Brown's Reveal Of Their 'Love Triangle' In Her Book...

Tyler Cameron Has THOUGHTS About Hannah Brown's Reveal Of Their 'Love Triangle' In Her Book...

Say what you really want to say, Tyler Cameron!

The Bachelorette alum is opening up (somewhat?!) with his opinions and thoughts on ex-girlfriend (and also now ex-friendHannah Brown‘s new book, God Bless This Mess. And let’s just say Tyler’s comments are VERY interesting here!

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As we’ve been reporting, Alabama Hannah has been promoting her new memoir with some very interesting stories about her and her family’s past. She’s also telling all about high-profile former relationships, too — like the not-so-secret hookup she had with another Bachelor Nation alum at a very inopportune time. And of course, Brown also write about the thing she had with Tyler that never quite got off the ground after the hit reality TV show despite a clear chemistry between both parties.

So when Tyler popped up on the latest episode of Brie and Nikki Bella‘s The Bellas Podcast on SiriusXM‘s Stitcher, you just KNOW we were on the edge of our seats listening to the 28-year-old hunk!

Seated across from the twins as they dissected Hannah’s new book, the former college football player looked on as Nikki began to comment on the writing, saying (below):

“Obviously there was a recent headline with Hannah Brown. She came out with a book, right, and just mentioned how she’s so heartbroken over [your] rejection.”

But before she could finish the thought, Nikki’s twin sister called out Hannah for what the former pro wrestler considered to be a big ol’ nothing-burger of a “reveal” in the text.

Bella interjected (below):

“Pretty much boo just put it at that, ‘Tyler Cameron rejected me.’ And the whole world goes, ‘Yeah, no s**t.’ I think she thought she was gonna shock the world and everyone was like, ‘oh, well, duh.'”


That’s not a great book review…

Then, when Nikki brought up a part of the book where Hannah mentioned some text messages between her and Tyler, the hunky male model piped up and said this with a laugh:

“I got receipts too.”

Oh?! Is that so?? Go on, Tyler…

Opting to keep it classy, though, the Florida native demurred a bit. Instead of talking shit, he took the good-guy route, by claiming more about his “level of respect” for his ex even despite the content in her tell-all memoir:

“You know, that whole thing. Like, first of all, you’re going to see the level of respect we have for each other. The way I talked about her in my book showed nothing but love, we’ll see how she talks about me in her book, you know.”

Interesting. So is he holding back or what?!

Tyler doubled down on that level of polite detachment, openly wishing Hannah luck with everything as far as book sales go:

“I hope she’s happy, I hope she’s successful. You know, she’s writing a book — she’s got to sell books, she’s got to make headlines. Sell those books.”

Well then! These two have a pretty rocky history together, so forgive us for reading between the lines a bit on Tyler’s comments, but THAT’S IT?! That’s really all he thinks about Hannah’s love life exposé??

Or is he trying to keep things calm so he doesn’t get caught up in some receipt-publishing s**t storm?!


You can watch the full clip for yourself (below):

What do U make of this touchy situation, Perezcious readers??

Is Tyler playing it cool here or does he really wish Hannah well in selling those books?!

Also… what receipts do y’all think he has?!?!

Sound OFF with your thoughts on this whole thing down in the comments (below)…

[Image via SiriusXM/YouTube/Hannah Brown/Instagram]

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