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Vanderpump Rules' Charli Burnett Might NOT Return Next Season Amid Scandoval: 'I'm Very Upset'

Vanderpump Rules Charlie Burnett Not Returning Scandoval

Charli Burnett is contemplating her future on Vanderpump Rules — and it’s all thanks to Raquel Leviss!

In a new interview with Rolling Stone on Wednesday, the Bravo personality revealed she was offered a contract for the next season, a pretty big deal! But she hasn’t signed it yet!

What’s the hold-up? Well, if she agrees to film season 11, she will likely have to record scenes with Raquel in the aftermath of her affair with Tom Sandoval, and Charli’s just not sure she has that in her after everything that’s gone down between the (former) friends.

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If you don’t recall, Charli actually defended the SUR waitress a ton last season amid the 28-year-old’s feud with Lala Kent and Katie Maloney. But, looking back, she feels “silly” for supporting her now knowing what the former pageant queen was really up to. This is the very reason she hasn’t agreed to be on the show again, she dished:

“That’s uncomfortable for me because I love Ariana [Madix]. I am Ariana’s friend and I’m very upset with everything that’s going on. So I feel like filming next season would be very, very weird and really stressful.”

If the main cast comes back — and especially Ariana, Tom, and Raquel — then we can bet it’s going to be chaotic AF! Good for the viewers, maybe not so much the IRL people living it all!

Interestingly, it’s not just Tom and Raquel that have the reality star second-guessing her decision to participate in the series. She’s also wary of who else might join:

“Old cast members are rumored to come back. I don’t know how that will look, but I imagine they’re probably going to come back with a force because they want to keep that spot again. They don’t want to lose that paycheck. If they did bring Jax [Taylor] back, Tom Sandoval is probably going to be so f**king pissed.”

Oooh, we could see Jax wanting to come back. He and his wife Brittany Cartwright have been VERY happy to talk all things Scandoval, and they’ve been making the rounds on various podcasts, including their own, to do so! They’re clearly still hungry for the spotlight!

Whether or not she signs on, Charli — like the rest of us — is interested in seeing how the VPR cast’s friend group evolves throughout this ordeal. She mused:

“A lot of them thrive in that chaotic environment. I also think that with this group, a lot of people flip-flop. I’m actually curious to see if everyone still stays friends like they are right now. Everyone has a really core strength because we all hate Tom [Sandoval] and Raquel, but we also know how that goes. I’m very curious to see how it unfolds and I think it probably will unfold very messily.”

If there’s one thing this group knows how to do, it’s how to create a mess! Just sayin’!

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Sometimes the mess teaches you a lesson, though. For her part, the esthetician will be handling her friendships very differently moving forward after she was burned by Raquel, she shared:

“It definitely has made everything feel very jaded and has brought up a lot of my old trust issues with people. It makes me question who I was with last summer. Watching those scenes back, anyone can be like, ‘I wish I saw or I wish I knew.’ I said to myself, ‘How could you not put two and two together?’ I was so blind to things, but I think at the time we’re exhausted from filming and there’s so much going on.”

She concluded by sharing her shady thoughts on the TomTom co-owner, suggesting:

“There are so many moving parts and I think a lot of the time you don’t really see things in a clear vision because of that. But now it kind of feels like we were all pawns in Tom and Raquel’s little game. Honestly, watching back I’m like, ‘Is Tom a f**king cult leader? What is he saying to people and convincing them of?’”


Calling him a “cult leader” might be going too far, but she’s clearly pissed off! And we get it! Tom and Raquel f**ked this friend group up! With that in mind, would you like to see Charli on next season?! Let us know (below)!

[Image via Bravo/YouTube.]

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