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Jax Taylor Blasts Tom Sandoval For Reaching Out To Brittany Cartwright: 'Don’t You Ever Text My F**king Wife'

Jax Taylor Blasts Tom Sandoval For Reaching Out To Brittany Cartwright:

Tom Sandoval, you’ve been warned! Jax Taylor does not want you contacting his wife, Brittany Cartwright – no matter what!

Speaking on The Toast podcast Friday, the former Vanderpump Rules star opened up about how “tone-deaf” his former best friend has been amid Scandoval, revealing that he had the nerve to reach out to Brittany and invite her to a Tom Sandoval & The Most Extras concert in Louisville, Kentucky. Seriously?

Now, it is no secret that the 34-year-old is still very good friends with Sandoval’s ex-girlfriend Ariana Madix and the other ladies of VPR! The 40-year-old bar owner also hasn’t been on good terms with her husband for years. So why in world did Sandoval think she would ever go to one of his shows?! Jax recalled to podcast host Claudia Oshry:

“This is how tone-deaf and selfish [Sandoval] is. His band was performing in Louisville. He texted Brittany … ‘Hey, if you have any friends in Louisville, [I would] love to see you. Come [see] my band. I’ll get you free passes.’ I looked at the phone. I go … ‘Are you f**king serious?’”

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Becoming visibly angry, Jax explained that he then immediately responded to Sandoval:

“I went on my phone, and I go, ‘Don’t you ever f**king text my wife again. How dare you. How selfish and tone-deaf are you? You do realize Brittany is friends with all these girls? What do you think she’s going to do?’”

It was never going to happen, so why even randomly reach out? After hearing this story, Claudia noted that Sandoval is a “narcissist” and “not well” for contacting Brittany about a concert of all things. Jax then added:

“It’s like a serial killer who kills their family and then goes out to the bar.”

Damn, Jax… And ultimately, he expressed that Sandoval is “not talented” and should have kept his dreams of being a musician to himself – instead of going on a tour across the country:

“You should have dreams and goals and whatever, but keep it in your living room. It’s really bad.”

Oof. And the brutal honesty didn’t end there! The Bravolebrity continued to deliver his thoughts about Sandoval, noting that “he’s cheated on every girlfriend he’s had.” When asked about whether he’s ever covered up the businessman’s affairs, Jax insisted he’s “always outed him.” Does anyone else remember when he finally told the truth to Kristen Doute about what happened with “Miami Girl” in season three?

As for Ariana? The former bartender pointed out that he never had a great relationship with the 37-year-old – but has noticed such a difference in her attitude since breaking up with Sandoval:

“I always had to walk on eggshells because I was like, ‘Ah, she doesn’t like me. She doesn’t like me. Why? What did I do now? Is it because I’m just too much of a guy’s guy?’ But now, she’s just … a completely different person. She’s got so much weight lifted up. She’s a different human being.”

He continued:

“She was so angry all the time. She was so depressed. She never came out. I don’t know what it was from. Well, I mean, now I do. She was living with a monster, and you see her now, and she’s doing all these great things.”

So will we potentially get to see Ariana and Jax’s friendship grow on season 11 of VPR? It’s unknown if he and Brittany are heading back to the show – but they are apparently willing to return for the next season. While Jax believes taking a break from the series was good for him, he confessed on the podcast that he has “missed it” a lot:

“We’re trying to figure out what makes sense for my family. Obviously, we’ve been off for a couple years, so we want it to make sense for us.”

If Jax and Brittany do come back, that will certainly add some more drama, considering they’re on bad terms with Sandoval (beyond the obvious cheating scandal reason)! You can ch-ch-check out his interview (below):


Reactions, Perezcious readers? Do you want to see the pair return to VPR for season 11? Let us know in the comments below.

[Image via The Toast/YouTube, Jax Taylor/Instagram, Bravo/YouTube]

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