Wu-Tang Clan Sell Just ONE COPY Of Their New Album For Millions Of Dollars — And You Won’t Get To Hear It For Almost A Century!

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And we thought Taylor Swift refusing to stream her music on Spotify was a bold statement!

Wu-Tang Clan finally sold their secret one-of-a-kind album Once Upon A Time In Shaolin — but don’t expect to be able to stream it anytime soon.

Because there is only one copy of the album in existence, and it was snagged by an anonymous buyer who bought it for millions of dollars!

According to online auction house Paddle8, the album by the surviving members of the rap collective was sold to an unidentified American buyer for “an undisclosed figure in the millions.”

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The 31-track record is housed in a hand-carved box with a 174-page leather bound manuscript “printed on gilded Fedrigoni Marina parchment.”

But fans will have to wait a long time to get their hands it — because the record can’t be publicly released for 88 years!

Band member Robert Fitzgerald Diggs aka RZA explained the idea of selling a single copy as a work of art, detailing in a statement:

“The Wu-Tang Clan have always been driven by innovation, and this marks another moment in musical history. From the beginning, we hoped that this concept would inspire debate and new ways of seeing creativity.”

So… innovative…?

Paddle8 didn’t say how much was paid for the “work of art,” but it did reveal this was the most money ever spent on a single album — beating the $306,000 spent on the only existing album of The Quarrymen (a little band that later became The Beatles)!

We can’t wait! Be sure to tell your grandkids to listen to Once Upon A Time In Shaolin when it drops in 2103!

[Image via Isabel Schiffler/Future Image/WENN.]

Nov 25, 2015 7:00pm PDT

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