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50 Cent Hurls Mic Into Crowd -- Sending Fan To Hospital!

50 Cent Hurls Mic Into Crowd & Hits Fan In The Head During LA Show!

50 Cent decided to pull a Cardi B and threw a microphone at a fan!

On Wednesday night, the rapper was performing at the Arena in Los Angeles for his Final Lap tour — but everything was going wrong! According to TMZ, the rapper received several devices that didn’t work, much to his frustration.

While YG was performing, 50 Cent walked on stage only to find he had yet another faulty mic. But instead of talking with one of the crew members, the 48-year-old turned around, grabbed another mic from someone else on stage, and hurled the broken one into the crowd! And that mic ended up hitting a woman right in the head! OMG!

Like we said. Total Cardi B move. You can see the incident (below):

The poor audience member was hurt bad enough she had to go to the hospital, as images obtained by the outlet revealed she had a laceration on her forehead. Oof. See HERE.

Sources at the show told TMZ 50 Cent clearly wasn’t targeting the fan, just throwing the mic out of frustration with the tech issues. An insider close to the In Da Club artist even claimed the woman was not supposed to be in the restricted area where he tossed it in the first place. If they’re trying to make excuses, that’s not a very good one…

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The woman filed a police report about the incident, so now, like Cardi before him, 50 Cent is a suspect in a criminal battery investigation. Law enforcement sources explained to TMZ they think he threw the microphone at the crew in the production area but hit the woman instead. The woman seemed to think otherwise — she told the cops the Expendables 4 actor knew she was there because he saw her before throwing the item.

Jeez. At this time, 50 Cent hasn’t spoken out about the incident. Reactions? Let us know in the comments.

[Image via WENN/Avalon, MEGA/WENN]

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Aug 31, 2023 10:50am PDT